Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    “Advancements in Medical Robotics: A Conversation with Dr. Gregory Fischer”

    Dr. Gregory Fischer, a prominent figure in the field of medical robotics, is set to deliver a keynote speech at BIOMEDevice Boston. In a recent discussion on the Let’s Talk Medtech podcast, Dr. Fischer shared insights into the development of surgical robotics and the work of his company, AiM Medical Robotics.

    Dr. Fischer’s journey into medical robotics began during his time as a professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. His research group focused on the combination of interventional MRI and robotics, aiming to achieve closed-loop medicine. This approach involves monitoring medical images, anatomical targets, and instruments in real-time during surgical interventions to ensure precision and accuracy.

    Through funding from NIH R01 grants, Dr. Fischer and his collaborators have developed the necessary technology over the past 15 years. In 2018, this technology was licensed to AiM Medical Robotics for commercialization. The company’s primary focus is on developing MRI-compatible surgical robots for neurosurgery, where high precision is crucial.

    One of the main challenges in neurosurgery is the potential for soft tissue movement within the brain, which can cause deviations from the preoperative plan. AiM Medical Robotics aims to address this issue by integrating real-time imaging into their robotic devices. By placing compact robots inside MRI scanners, surgeons can monitor and adapt their approach as needed during the procedure.

    Unlike larger teleoperated systems commonly associated with surgical robotics, AiM Medical Robotics has designed their devices to be compact and application-specific. The robots resemble actuated versions of traditional stereotactic frames used in neurosurgery, allowing for familiarity and ease of use for surgeons.

    These robots, made from engineering-grade plastics, are rigid and can be autonomously moved and aligned to the desired coordinates. They are also MRI-compatible, enabling their use in both traditional operating rooms and MRI scanners. This versatility ensures maximum access and trajectory guidance throughout the surgical procedure.

    The work of Dr. Fischer and AiM Medical Robotics represents a significant advancement in surgical robotics, particularly in the field of neurosurgery. Their technology promises to enhance precision, improve outcomes, and streamline surgical workflows. As the field continues to evolve, medical robotics holds great potential in transforming the practice of medicine.

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