Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    Addtronics Appoints Janet Ceddia as Chief Operating Officer

    Addtronics, LLC has announced the appointment of Janet Ceddia as Chief Operating Officer, effective September 11th, 2023. In her new role, Ms. Ceddia will be responsible for overseeing operations, driving value-creation, fostering continuous improvement, and leading integration efforts.

    Janet Ceddia brings over two decades of experience in building high-performing teams and enhancing profitability in various industrial service businesses. She has a successful track record as an executive in both founder-owned and private equity-backed companies. Additionally, she has founded and grown multiple companies as an entrepreneur.

    Ms. Ceddia most recently held the position of Chief Integration Officer at private equity-backed 3Phase Elevator Corp, where she led the integration of over 18 acquisitions. Prior to this, she gained experience at McKinsey & Company, Security Construction Services, and Altair Construction. Ms. Ceddia is an alumna of Harvard Business School and holds a BA with honors from Colby College.

    Expressing her excitement about the appointment, Ms. Ceddia stated, “I am thrilled to join Kaho Partners and the entire Addtronics leadership team in the important work of transforming the U.S. manufacturing sector. I am humbled as well by this opportunity to build on the many successes of Addtronics’ leading brands and continue to increase access to and support for robotic automation solutions.”

    The executive chairman of Addtronics, Max Katzenstein, commented on the new appointment, saying, “We are incredibly excited to welcome Janet to our team. I have no doubt that she will make Addtronics a stronger company and help us achieve our mission to strengthen American manufacturing.”

    In conjunction with Janet Ceddia’s appointment, Max Katzenstein has assumed the role of Executive Chairman, and Jerry Osborn has been appointed as Vice Chairman.

    Addtronics, a mission-driven holding company, aims to acquire and empower leading robotic automation solution providers. By increasing access to robotic automation solutions, Addtronics seeks to strengthen the domestic manufacturing sector. The company allows its acquired brands to retain their autonomy, identities, and brands. For more information, visit Addtronics’ website.

    Kaho Partners, a thesis-driven private equity firm, is exclusively focused on building market-leading companies through aggressive growth strategies. With a long-term time horizon, Kaho is committed to building a select few companies. For more information, visit Kaho Partners’ website.

    – Addtronics
    – Kaho Partners