Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Johnson County’s Robotics Teams Shine at LCA Fall Robotics Tournament

    Johnson County High School’s Robotics teams showcased their skill and dedication at the LCA Fall Robotics Tournament, held at Lakeway Christian Academy in White Pine, TN. The event, which took place on November 4, marked the second contest of the year for the teams.

    Team 63303V, known as “Validation,” emerged as the top performer for Johnson County, securing a commendable seventh place out of the 22 competing teams. Notably, the team also clinched the prestigious Design Award for the second consecutive time. Following closely behind was team 63303A, securing the 11th place, while teams 63303D and 63303B secured the 20th and 22nd positions, respectively.

    Kasi Dishman, the Robotics teacher and coach at Johnson County, shed light on the extensive preparation process undertaken by the students. During the design phase, which begins in May upon the release of the new season’s game, the teams carefully craft their robots based on desired skills and constraints presented by the game. These constraints include size limits, power limits, possession of game elements, and physical barriers on the field of play.

    Dishman highlighted the summer months as a crucial time for the teams. They work independently to construct prototypes and subsystems for their robots. Official meetings and intensive work on the robots commence in August, with students dedicating at least three days a week for several hours both in school and after to build, program, test, and redesign their robots in anticipation of upcoming tournaments.

    Throughout the regular season, teams generally participate in 4-5 tournaments, aiming to secure berths at the State-level championship tournament scheduled for March. While regular tournaments primarily see teams from East Tennessee and occasionally Middle Tennessee, teams from Johnson County rarely compete against those from West Tennessee until the State tournament. However, this year, the teams have an exciting prospect ahead as they will attend a new Signature Event taking place at Bristol Motor Speedway next semester. Signature events attract larger and more diverse teams from across the nation and even internationally.

    Despite facing disruptions and personnel changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Johnson County teams continue to display immense dedication and problem-solving skills. Dishman expressed appreciation for the support received and is eagerly looking forward to the team’s progress as the season unfolds.


    1. How many teams did Johnson County field in the LCA Fall Robotics Tournament?
    2. Johnson County fielded four teams in the LCA Fall Robotics Tournament.

    3. Which team was the top performer from Johnson County?
    4. Team 63303V, also known as “Validation,” emerged as the top performer, securing seventh place and winning the Design Award for the second time.

    5. How do the teams prepare for each season of VEX Robotics Competitions?
    6. The teams begin designing their robots in May, based on a set of desired skills and constraints presented by the game for the new season. They also spend extensive time building prototypes, meeting regularly to build, program, test, and redesign their robots.

    7. What are signature events in Robotics tournaments?
    8. Signature events are typically larger tournaments that attract teams from across the nation and internationally. Winners at these tournaments automatically qualify for a place at the World Championship Tournament.