Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
    Impressive Motor-Driven Kinetic Sculpture with Sound and Light

    Eirik Brandal, a creator and reader of Hackaday, embarked on a project to showcase the capabilities of a CNC router. However, the project quickly escalated into a complex and captivating kinetic sculpture. The sculpture features motor-driven movement, intermittent light, and sound.

    At the heart of the sculpture is an Arduino Nano Every, responsible for controlling the various components. The sculpture is powered by two motors and uses eight gears with different cog counts to achieve the desired mechanical motion. Light is incorporated into the sculpture using LEDs, which are attached to DIY gears. The LEDs slide around homemade slip rings to create an illuminating effect.

    In addition to the visual aspect, the sculpture also incorporates sound. A piezo disk is attached to the gears, which picks up their vibrations and chafing. These sounds are then amplified to enhance the acoustic experience of the sculpture.

    To fully appreciate the intricacies of the project, make sure to watch the demo video. It showcases the motor-driven movement, intermittent light, and the captivating sounds produced by the sculpture. If you’re interested in the build process, there is also a build video available.

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    Sources: [Eirik Brandal]