Sat. Dec 9th, 2023
    Kraken Robotics Provides High-Resolution Seabed Mapping Sonar Equipment to Royal Australian Navy

    Canadian marine robotics company, Kraken Robotics, has announced the successful supply of high-resolution seabed mapping sonar equipment to the Royal Australian Navy. The company delivered its state-of-the-art KATFISH high-speed high-definition seabed awareness solution in the second quarter of this year. Following system integration and sea trials in Cairns, Australia, Kraken expects to provide additional in-service support to the Royal Australian Navy, including training, spares, and operational assistance.

    Replacing the original quote, it is worth noting that this marks a significant milestone for Kraken Robotics as it signifies their first successful KATFISH system sale in the Asia-Pacific region. Building on their previous successful deliveries with various NATO navies, this new collaboration further establishes Kraken as a leading provider of advanced marine technology.

    The delivery of the KATFISH system to the Royal Australian Navy comes after a successful demonstration of its capabilities earlier this year. In collaboration with a local Australian survey company, Kraken’s team conducted a 60kmĀ² feature detection survey that provided real-time ultra-high-resolution imagery and bathymetry of the seafloor along coastal waterways.

    The implementation of the KATFISH system will greatly enhance the Royal Australian Navy’s seabed mapping capabilities. By utilizing cutting-edge sonar technology, the Navy will have access to high-resolution data, enabling them to make more informed decisions for coastal operations, navigation, and other critical maritime activities.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: What is a seabed mapping sonar equipment?
    A: Seabed mapping sonar equipment is advanced technology used to generate detailed maps and images of the seafloor. It utilizes sound waves to measure water depth, detect underwater features, and produce high-resolution imagery of the seabed.

    Q: What is the KATFISH system?
    A: The KATFISH system is a high-speed high-definition seabed awareness solution developed by Kraken Robotics. It combines synthetic aperture sonar with advanced processing capabilities to deliver accurate and detailed mapping of the seafloor.

    Q: How will the KATFISH system benefit the Royal Australian Navy?
    A: The KATFISH system will provide the Royal Australian Navy with enhanced seabed mapping capabilities. It will enable them to gather high-resolution data, improving their situational awareness and decision-making for coastal operations, navigation, and other maritime activities.