Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
    LBX Food Robotics Introduces Bake Xpress, the First Fully Certified Hot Food Vending Machine

    LBX Food Robotics has announced that its Bake Xpress hot food kiosk has become the first full-menu hot food vending machine to receive certifications from Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Following comprehensive testing by TÜV Rhineland, Bake Xpress meets the international performance, safety, and reliability standards required for UL and CSA certification. This certification is particularly important for locations such as government facilities, transportation hubs, and hospitals that mandate full certification for the entire machine.

    Unlike other vending machines that offer a limited selection of pre-packaged food, Bake Xpress uses a smart oven that combines infrared, convection, and microwave technology to bake a wide range of meals, pastries, and snacks on demand. This unique capability allows Bake Xpress to deliver restaurant-quality results, including crispy crusts, even heating, and browning.

    LBX customers have the flexibility to fully customize the machine and menu, allowing them to extend their brand, optimize the end-user experience, and leverage existing contracts. The company has recently opened its first Bake Xpress locations in US airports and hospitals, with plans to obtain CE certification for European markets in the near future.

    Benoit Herve, Founder and CEO of LBX Food Robotics, stated, “Our focus on quality sets us apart, from the high-end foods Bake Xpress delivers down to the components we designed into our machine. Receiving UL and CSA certification is an important milestone for LBX that will allow us to serve thousands of new high-volume locations.” LBX Food Robotics aims to revolutionize the food service industry with its innovative hot food vending solution.

    Source: LBX Food Robotics