Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
    New Beginnings for Sarcos Technology: Shifting Focus to AI Software Platform

    Sarcos Technology, a prominent robotics company that recently acquired RE2 Robotics in Lawrenceville, is undergoing a significant transformation. While the closure of its Lawrenceville facility and the subsequent layoff of 150 employees may seem like a setback, it is, in fact, an intentional pivot in the company’s strategic direction.

    According to Sarcos CEO and President, Larua Peterson, this decision was made to ensure the company’s resources are appropriately allocated and to maximize long-term shareholder value. The emphasis will now be on their innovative AI software platform, allowing them to address acute customer needs while mitigating capital requirements and associated risks.

    Although the closure in Lawrenceville is unfortunate, Sarcos is not abandoning its presence in the robotics industry. Instead, the company is optimizing its operations by focusing on its Salt Lake City facility, where they will harness their expertise in AI technology to continue driving progress in robotics and automation.

    By realigning their efforts towards AI software, Sarcos Technology seeks to deliver scalable solutions that can revolutionize various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare. This strategic move positions the company to further enhance its offerings, bringing cutting-edge technology to customers around the world.


    Q: Will Sarcos Technology be relocating any of its employees?
    A: There is no confirmed information regarding employee relocation at this time.

    Q: How will Sarcos Technology’s shift to AI software affect its customers?
    A: Sarcos’ focus on AI software will enable the development of advanced and scalable solutions for various industries, enhancing the company’s ability to meet customer needs effectively.

    Q: What are Sarcos Technology’s long-term goals with this strategic shift?
    A: Sarcos aims to create long-term shareholder value by prioritizing revenue generation through acute customer needs and reducing capital requirements and associated risks.

    Q: Will Sarcos Technology continue to drive innovation in robotics and automation?
    A: Absolutely. The company’s commitment to the robotics industry remains strong, and by leveraging their expertise in AI software, they will continue to advance the field.

    Q: Where can I find more information about this announcement?
    A: For further updates and details, please visit the official website of Sarcos Technology (