Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    New Funding Boosts West Yorkshire Projects for Economic Growth

    West Yorkshire is set to benefit from a significant funding boost that will drive economic growth and improve infrastructure in the region. Five projects have been awarded levelling up funding by the government, including the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.

    Under the plans, the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway will be transformed into a prominent transport hub and commuter route. Funding will be used to upgrade signalling systems along the railway line, allowing for increased train capacity and improved connectivity with national mainline rail services. Additionally, the diesel fleet will undergo a revamp to enhance efficiency and performance.

    Bradford Council, responsible for overseeing the project, expressed enthusiasm for the financial injection, noting that it would create numerous economic opportunities. The council has been granted close to £20 million, which will also support the establishment of an Advanced Robotics and Engineering Institute in Keighley town centre. This world-class research institute will attract undergraduate and postgraduate students interested in fields such as automation, artificial intelligence, and computer science, further establishing Keighley as a center of innovation in the UK.

    In addition to the railway project, other initiatives across West Yorkshire will benefit from the levelling up funding. Wakefield Council will receive over £15 million to revamp The Ridings Shopping Centre, while Huddersfield’s Northumberland Street Market will undergo a transformation, becoming a bustling food hall accommodating up to 300 people. Furthermore, improvements to the Penistone railway line will connect Huddersfield, Barnsley, and Sheffield, receiving an investment of nearly £48 million.

    These funding allocations reflect the commitment of local authorities to drive economic growth, enhance infrastructure, and create thriving communities. By bolstering transport networks, supporting research and innovation, and revitalizing retail and leisure facilities, West Yorkshire is poised to attract investment and foster sustainable development.


    What is levelling up funding?

    Levelling up funding refers to financial support provided by the government to address regional inequalities and stimulate economic growth in underdeveloped areas.

    How will the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway benefit from the funding?

    The funding will transform the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway into a major transport hub and commuter route by upgrading signalling systems, increasing train capacity, and refurbishing the diesel fleet.

    What is the Advanced Robotics and Engineering Institute?

    The proposed Advanced Robotics and Engineering Institute in Keighley town center will serve as a research facility for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying automation, artificial intelligence, and computer science.

    Which other projects will receive funding in West Yorkshire?

    Other projects that will receive funding include the revamp of The Ridings Shopping Centre in Wakefield, the transformation of Huddersfield’s Northumberland Street Market into a food hall, and improvements to the Penistone railway line to enhance connections between Huddersfield, Barnsley, and Sheffield.

    How will these projects contribute to economic growth in West Yorkshire?

    These projects aim to enhance infrastructure, attract investment, and stimulate economic activity, thus promoting sustainable growth and creating opportunities for local communities in West Yorkshire.