Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    LG CNS and XYZ Robotics Collaborate on E-commerce Logistics Projects

    LG CNS Co. Ltd., the IT services arm of LG Corporation, has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with XYZ Robotics to jointly develop projects in the e-commerce logistics industry. The partnership aims to enhance the integration of robots in logistics operations.

    The collaboration between LG CNS and XYZ Robotics was announced on September 17th. The companies signed an MOU to integrate XYZ Robotics’ robot solutions with LG CNS’ robotic integrated operations platform.

    One key aspect of this partnership is the offering of robot solutions through a robot as a service (RaaS) model. In this model, customers can subscribe to the robotics companies’ solutions and use their robot devices, only paying for the service they utilize. This allows for greater flexibility and cost-efficiency for customers.

    Lee Jun Ho, Head of Smart Logistics Solution at LG CNS, stated, “The logistics automation market has transitioned from digital transformation to the robot transformation era, where robots are effectively utilized for every aspect.”

    The initial project under this collaboration involves the deployment of palletizing and depalletizing robots at logistics centers in South Korea. Palletizing robots can transfer, sort, and stack boxes onto a pallet, while depalletizing robots unload items from a pallet.

    In addition, LG CNS is also working on a proof of concept project to convert a former gas station into an urban logistics center using their robot-integrated operations platform and the Ieum 5G network.

    This partnership between LG CNS and XYZ Robotics is expected to contribute to the advancement of the e-commerce logistics industry by leveraging the capabilities of robotics and automation.

    – RaaS: Robot as a Service is a model in which robotics companies provide solutions to customers through a subscription plan.
    – POC: Proof of Concept is a demonstration or pilot project used to validate the feasibility and potential benefits of a solution.

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