Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
    New Investment Secured by Q-Bot to Expand their Intelligent Robotics and AI Technology

    Q-Bot, a company specializing in the development of intelligent tools using robotics and AI for building and infrastructure maintenance, has recently secured over €4 million in investment. The funding comes from a group of private investors and family offices, including EMV, Wealth Club, and Adjuvo. This new investment will support Q-Bot’s growth in the UK, continental Europe, and the USA.

    Q-Bot’s high-performance retrofit insulation offers a solution for insulating suspended floors in 8-12 million homes in the UK that are difficult to treat using traditional insulation methods. With their advanced insulation already installed in over 200 homes each month, Q-Bot has experienced a 60% increase in revenue in the past year.

    Professor Peter Childs FREng, Chair and co-founder of Q-Bot, expressed enthusiasm for the investment, stating that it is a strong endorsement of the company’s work and recognition of the market opportunity in the UK and abroad. Q-Bot serves a range of customers, from private individuals to energy suppliers and providers of social housing, offering them a comprehensive and professional approach to home insulation through the use of robotics and AI.

    The announcement of this new funding follows a visit from the UK Energy Minister, Lord Callanan. During his visit, Lord Callanan praised Q-Bot’s cutting-edge work in improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions in homes across the UK, which aligns with the country’s Net Zero goals.

    Q-Bot was founded in 2012 and their technology for insulating floors is quick, hassle-free, and cost-effective compared to other methods. The Energy Saving Trust and the Residential Property Surveyors Association have both verified Q-Bot’s insulation. Independent tests by Leeds Beckett University have also shown that Q-Bot insulation can reduce heat loss by 24% and lower running costs for properties with heat pumps by up to 30%.

    One of Q-Bot’s key advantages is its ability to upgrade homes with a single measure. Out of the 12.6 million homes in the UK with an Energy Performance Certificate rating of D or below, 30% can reach EPC C by using Q-Bot’s insulation at a fraction of the cost of alternative methods and without disruption. This makes the transition to a low carbon economy much more achievable and pain-free.

    John Kennedy, Chief Executive of Q-Bot, is confident that with this new investment, the support from investors and the UK Government, and the available public sector funding, Q-Bot is positioned to become a major player in the retrofit sector and insulation market.

    – EMV
    – Wealth Club
    – Adjuvo