Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Expanding Horizons: Coronado Middle School Robotics Team Ventures into Podcasting

    The Coronado Middle School (CMS) Robotics Team has been on a journey of innovation and exploration under the guidance of Coach Roberta Lenert. This year, Lenert and her team of co-coaches, interns, and parent volunteers are taking the program to new heights by providing their students with unique opportunities both in and outside the classroom.

    One exciting addition to the CMS Robotics Team is the creation of a podcast, a first for FIRST Lego League robotics across the nation. Parent and mentor Jeremiah Whitten, a former sports radio personality and special education administrator, has been instrumental in helping the students develop their podcasting skills. The podcast is a student-led endeavor, designed exclusively for team members and their families, where students learn about podcasting, media development, and editing. Through this experience, the students not only acquire technical skills, but also develop public speaking and interviewing skills, gaining confidence in expressing their ideas.

    According to Whitten, the podcast serves as a platform for the students to share their team’s journey in preparing for the FIRST Lego League competition. Each episode showcases their planning process, their project ideas, and fun stories from their teams. By creating their own podcast, the students are empowered to unleash their creativity and have their voices heard.

    The introduction of podcasting not only enhances the students’ technological know-how but also cultivates essential skills for their future. As Whitten explains, being comfortable with speaking in front of adults and using multimedia tools opens up a world of possibilities for these young learners.

    Looking toward the future, Engineer Drew Barker, another coach and mentor for the CMS Robotics Team, is enthusiastic about the expansion of the program into high school. By establishing a pipeline from elementary to middle to high school, the Coronado robotics program aims to provide a continuous learning journey for its students. As students progress through the program, they will have the opportunity to explore more advanced projects beyond Lego robotics, fostering their growth as engineers and scientists.

    The collaboration between the middle and high school programs is already starting to bear fruit, with high school interns lending their expertise to the CMS Robotics Team. These interns, who were once middle school team members themselves, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, further enriching the program and strengthening the bond between the two schools.

    With the introduction of podcasting and the ongoing expansion into high school, the Coronado Middle School Robotics Team continues to empower its students, providing them with diverse opportunities to develop new skills, express their creativity, and pave the way for a promising future.


    1. What is the CMS Robotics Team?

    The CMS Robotics Team is a group of students from Coronado Middle School who participate in the FIRST Lego League robotics competition. Led by Coach Roberta Lenert, the team explores STEM concepts, problem-solving, and teamwork through robotics.

    2. What is unique about the CMS Robotics Team?

    The CMS Robotics Team stands out for its innovative approach to learning. Through initiatives like podcasting, the team goes beyond traditional robotics activities to develop skills such as podcasting, media development, and public speaking.

    3. How do high school interns contribute to the CMS Robotics Team?

    High school interns, who were previously part of the CMS Robotics Team, provide guidance and support to the middle school students. They share their knowledge and experience, creating a strong connection between the middle and high school programs.

    4. What opportunities does the CMS Robotics Team provide?

    The CMS Robotics Team offers students opportunities to explore their interests, develop practical skills, and engage in hands-on learning experiences. Through projects like podcasting and the expansion into high school, students gain valuable knowledge and grow as individuals.