Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    Lyxor MSCI Robotics & AI ESG Filtered UCITS ETF – Acc: Net Asset Value(s) 18-Sep-2023

    The net asset value (NAV) for the Lyxor MSCI Robotics & AI ESG Filtered UCITS ETF – Acc as of September 18, 2023, is USD 31.7309 per share. This exchange-traded fund (ETF) is managed by Lyxor and focuses on companies involved in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). The NAV represents the total value of the fund’s assets minus its liabilities, divided by the number of shares in issue, which is currently 9,946,240.

    The Lyxor MSCI Robotics & AI ESG Filtered UCITS ETF is designed to provide investors with exposure to companies that are leading innovations in robotics and AI. As technology continues to advance, these sectors hold promising growth potential. Investing in this ETF allows individuals to gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of companies within the robotics and AI sectors, reducing their risk and providing them with the potential for capital appreciation.

    ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) filtering is employed in the selection of the companies included in this ETF. This means that in addition to considering financial performance, the fund also takes into account the company’s environmental impact, social responsibility, and corporate governance practices. The incorporation of ESG criteria ensures that investors are supporting companies that operate in a sustainable and responsible manner.

    It is important to note that the net asset value of an ETF can fluctuate due to changes in the value of the underlying securities and the overall market conditions. Investors should conduct their own research and carefully consider their investment objectives before investing in this or any other ETF.

    – Lyxor MSCI Robotics & AI ESG Filtered UCITS ETF – Acc announcement.