Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Dexory Expands Partnership with Maersk and iB Cargo to Revolutionize Distribution Center in Romania

    In a groundbreaking move, Dexory, the logistics startup, is taking its partnership with international shipping line Maersk and iB Cargo to new heights. The innovative technology developed by Dexory is set to transform the distribution center for a leading global home furnishing brand in Romania.

    This expansion marks the first deployment of Dexory’s technology outside of the UK, heralding the company’s ambitious plans to expand across Europe. AP Moller-Maersk and iB Cargo, renowned players in distribution and logistics, manage this major center in Romania that caters to one of the largest furniture and interior decoration companies globally.

    By deploying Dexory’s cutting-edge technology and robots, the partners aim to optimize and streamline the use of the distribution center, making the most efficient use of its resources and shelf space. This move comes as the warehouse, spanning an impressive 100,000 sq m, has already gained recognition for its customized logistics solutions and seamless service to eight countries in Europe and the Balkans since its opening in September 2021.

    At the heart of Dexory’s solution is the intelligent robot, ‘NEO,’ which scans over 100,000 pallet locations daily, revolutionizing warehouse operations. With this automated process, operations can now move at an astounding rate of 10,000 locations per hour, outperforming the previous rate of 150 locations per hour with human intervention.

    Dexory’s technology integrates seamlessly with the warehouse teams, working harmoniously 24/7 to navigate wide, narrow, and complex aisles, as well as reserve and picking locations. This collaboration between humans and robots reduces time-consuming tasks and minimizes human errors, optimizing warehouse operations with unprecedented efficiency.

    The innovative Dexory solution combines hardware and software, providing instant visibility into inventory and operations at the click of a button. By utilizing 12-meter-tall autonomous robots to capture real-time warehouse data and images, Dexory’s digital twin technology offers instant analysis of stock, occupancy, and stock movement, enabling smarter decision-making.

    Dexory’s expansion into Romania signifies Maersk’s commitment to integrating new technologies and sustainability, while revolutionizing the distribution center for this renowned interior decorations company. The collaboration between Dexory, Maersk, and iB Cargo demonstrates the power of long-term partnerships based on quality, integrity, and innovative solutions that add value to clients’ businesses.

    Q: Who are the key players in this partnership?
    A: Dexory, Maersk, and iB Cargo.
    Q: What is Dexory’s technology?
    A: Dexory’s technology combines hardware and software to provide real-time visibility into inventory and operations.
    Q: How does Dexory’s solution optimize warehouse operations?
    A: Dexory’s autonomous robots, like ‘NEO,’ scan pallet locations, enabling faster and more accurate operations.
    Q: What are the benefits of Dexory’s digital twin technology?
    A: Dexory’s digital twin technology provides instant analysis of stock, occupancy, and stock movement, leading to smarter decision-making and increased efficiency.