Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Bring Your Thanksgiving Table to Life with a Playful Turkey Hand

    Looking for a unique centerpiece that will wow your guests this Thanksgiving? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the Circuit Playground Express and Crickit to transform a simple hand tracing into an animated, interactive turkey hand that will bring a touch of magic to your holiday table.

    The traditional technique of creating a turkey hand by tracing your hand on paper has been given a modern twist. With the Circuit Playground Express and Crickit, you can turn this simple craft into an enchanting work of art that moves, talks, and captivates your guests.

    Using the Circuit Playground Express, a powerful all-in-one board with built-in sensors and lights, and the Crickit, an add-on board that allows you to control motors and other accessories, you’ll bring your turkey hand to life. The Circuit Playground Express and Crickit work seamlessly together, providing endless possibilities for creative projects.

    By adding servo motors to your turkey hand, you can make it flap its wings or move its feathers in response to touch or sound. With the built-in speaker on the Circuit Playground Express, you can even make your turkey hand “gobble” or play festive Thanksgiving tunes to set the mood.

    This Thanksgiving, take your table decoration to the next level with this playful and interactive turkey hand. Show off your creativity and technical skills, and create a lasting memory for your family and friends.


    Q: Do I need any previous experience in electronics or coding to complete this project?
    A: While some basic understanding of electronics and coding can be helpful, this guide is designed to be beginner-friendly. Step-by-step instructions and illustrations will guide you through the process.

    Q: Where can I purchase the Circuit Playground Express and Crickit?
    A: You can find these boards and accessories at various electronics retailers or online shops.

    Q: Can I customize the design of the turkey hand?
    A: Absolutely! Feel free to add your own personal touches to the design of your turkey hand. There are no limits to your creativity!

    Q: Are there any other holiday-themed projects I can create with the Circuit Playground Express and Crickit?
    A: Yes, definitely! The Circuit Playground Express and Crickit can be used to create a wide range of interactive projects. Let your imagination run wild and explore other festive ideas for every occasion.