Tue. Nov 28th, 2023
    Introducing the Revolutionary Robotic Goat: Enhancing Combat Safety

    Combat situations can be incredibly dangerous, putting human lives at risk unnecessarily. That’s why the Marines, in collaboration with the Tactical Training and Exercise Control Group (TTECG), the Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command (MCAGCC), and the Office of Naval Research (ONR), have developed a groundbreaking robotics platform: a quadruped robotic platform affectionately referred to as the “robotic goat.”

    This remote-controlled device may bear a slight resemblance to a goat, but its functionality goes far beyond that. Equipped with an extensive range of motion capabilities, including walking, running, jumping, and even turning 90 degrees, the robotic goat is agile enough to maneuver over rough terrain with ease. It also features a camera-equipped controller that allows for precise control of its movements.

    While watching a demonstration of the device, one Marine couldn’t help but exclaim, “That thing is creepy, man.” And indeed, it may appear unsettling at first glance. However, its capabilities far outweigh its outward appearance. With sensors strategically placed on the front, underneath, and on the sides, this robotic marvel can not only navigate the battlefield but also carry various weapons systems mounted on its back.

    During a recent test conducted in September, the TTECG and ONR successfully test-fired an M72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon rocket launcher from the robotic goat’s back. This impressive feat showcases the potential of this innovative technology to carry out critical functions while ensuring the safety of human personnel.

    The robotic goat displayed in the video is only a prototype, and the final version issued to Marines will feature improvements in battery life, optics, and terrain maneuverability. This advancement has the potential to revolutionize combat by allowing Marines to control weapon systems remotely, eliminating the need for direct human involvement and reducing the risk of harm in dangerous situations.

    With the robotic goat acting as a powerful ally on the battlefield, Marines can operate from a position of cover and concealment while still effectively engaging with the enemy. By remotely manipulating weapon systems from a safe distance, Marines can keep themselves away from harm’s way and ensure a more strategic and secure combat environment.


    Q: What is the purpose of the robotic goat?
    A: The purpose of the robotic goat is to enhance combat safety by allowing Marines to control weapon systems remotely, keeping them away from harm’s way.

    Q: How agile is the robotic goat?
    A: The robotic goat is incredibly agile, capable of traversing rough terrains and demonstrating a wide range of motion, including walking, running, jumping, and turning.

    Q: Can the robotic goat carry weapons?
    A: Yes, the robotic goat has the ability to carry various weapons systems mounted on its back.

    Q: What improvements will be made to the final version for deployment?
    A: The final version of the robotic goat will include improvements in battery life, optics, and terrain maneuverability to optimize its performance on the battlefield.