Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    MDA Secures $130.9 Million Satellite Constellation Contract, Driving Growth in the Canadian Robotics Industry

    Canadian robotics company, MDA, has announced that it has been awarded a lucrative satellite constellation contract worth $130.9 million. This contract, secured from an undisclosed client, signifies a major milestone for MDA and highlights the company’s expertise in satellite systems and geointelligence.

    Under the terms of the contract, MDA will be responsible for the development and deployment of a new nongeostationary orbit satellite constellation. The project will involve various stages, starting with engineering and programmatic activities, followed by the procurement of long-lead items. The full constellation is expected to consist of at least 36 MDA software-defined digital satellites, representing the company’s latest innovative product offering.

    This significant investment in satellite technology by the unnamed client underscores the growing demand for advanced satellite systems across various industries. Satellite constellations provide vital services, including communications, navigation, and Earth observation. With MDA at the helm of this project, the Canadian robotics industry is set to experience exponential growth and contribute to advancements in the field of geointelligence.

    MDA’s selection for this high-value contract reflects its reputation for delivering cutting-edge solutions and underscores the company’s position as a leader in the satellite industry. As one of the top robotics companies in Canada, MDA has consistently demonstrated its ability to innovate and provide advanced technologies that meet the evolving needs of its clients.

    With work on the satellite constellation project now underway, MDA is poised to make a significant impact on the future of satellite systems. The successful completion of this project will further solidify MDA’s position in the market and potentially open doors for future collaborations and contracts within the robotics and space industry.


    Q: What is MDA?
    A: MDA is a Canadian robotics company specializing in satellite systems and geointelligence.

    Q: How much is the satellite constellation contract worth?
    A: The satellite constellation contract is valued at $130.9 million.

    Q: How many satellites will be included in the constellation?
    A: The constellation will include a minimum of 36 MDA software-defined digital satellites.

    Q: Who is the client for this contract?
    A: The client’s identity has not been disclosed.

    Q: What is geointelligence?
    A: Geointelligence refers to the collection, analysis, and interpretation of geographical information to inform decision-making processes.

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