Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Introducing Navier: The Future of Electric Boats

    Sampriti Bhattacharyya, founder and CEO of Navier, has defied expectations to become a groundbreaking figure in the world of electric boatbuilding. Growing up in India, Bhattacharyya faced societal pressures and limited opportunities, but her passion for space and ocean exploration drove her to break free from traditional gender constraints. Now based in the U.S., Bhattacharyya leads a team of experts in creating innovative, self-piloting electric vessels that are revolutionizing the way we travel on water.

    Navier’s flagship product, the N30, is a 30-foot electric foiling yacht designed to offer a cleaner, more efficient alternative to traditional gas-powered boats. The N30 utilizes carbon foils to glide four feet above the water, minimizing drag and wake while increasing speed and efficiency. What sets Navier apart is its proprietary operating system, which incorporates advanced sensors and software to adjust the foils based on wave conditions, ensuring a smooth and peaceful ride.

    Equipped with two 90 kW electric motors, the N30 can reach a top speed of 35 knots and cover 75 nautical miles at 22 knots. With zero emissions, Navier claims that the N30 is 10 times more efficient than conventional gas-powered boats. The vessel’s cutting-edge technology even includes autodocking capabilities, simplifying the docking process with just a single click.

    Navier’s journey has not been without challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the company’s initial plans to retrofit existing boats, prompting Bhattacharyya to think bigger and reimagine the future of marine vessels from the ground up. Through resilience and determination, Navier secured $10 million in seed funding, with support from major investors such as Google cofounder Sergey Brin and Android cofounder Rich Miner.

    Navier’s vision extends beyond just individual boats. Bhattacharyya aims to transform water-borne transport by creating self-piloting fleets that can alleviate congestion on roads and provide a more sustainable mode of transportation. With their innovative technology, Navier is leading the way in the electric boat industry and setting a new standard for future marine vessels.


    Q: What is Navier?

    Navier is a pioneering company in the field of electric boatbuilding, focused on creating self-piloting vessels that are cleaner, more efficient, and technologically advanced.

    Q: What is the flagship product of Navier?

    Navier’s flagship product is the N30, a 30-foot electric foiling yacht that incorporates carbon foils to enhance speed and efficiency, while minimizing drag and wake.

    Q: How does Navier’s operating system work?

    Navier’s proprietary operating system utilizes advanced sensors and software to gather information about wave conditions and automatically adjust the foils on the N30, ensuring a smooth and peaceful ride.

    Q: How efficient is the N30 compared to traditional gas-powered boats?

    Navier claims that the N30 is 10 times more efficient than traditional gas-powered boats, thanks to its zero-emissions electric motors and cutting-edge technology.

    Q: Who are some of Navier’s investors?

    Navier has secured $10 million in seed funding from investors such as Google cofounder Sergey Brin, Android cofounder Rich Miner, and other venture capitalists.


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