Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Eatch Introduces Fully Automated Robotic Kitchen

    A Dutch startup called Eatch has unveiled its fully automated robotic kitchen, capable of producing up to five thousand meals per day. The robot has been operational in the Amsterdam market for food service and catering company ISS for the past four months.

    The Eatch robotic kitchen platform handles the entire meal production process, including oiling the cooking pans, dispensing refrigerated ingredients, adding spices, plating the food, and even cleaning the pans. It utilizes a pot system similar to other robotic kitchens, such as Spyce kitchen, Kitchen Robotics’ Beastro, and TechMagic’s pasta robot in Tokyo. Eatch’s tilted pans rotate and toss the food, creating a toss fry cooking motion commonly used in stir fry kitchens.

    What sets Eatch apart is its impressive throughput, capable of producing up to fifteen thousand meals per day. This is significantly higher than most robotic kitchens currently available on the market. Additionally, Eatch incorporates plating and pot cleaning into the automation process, further streamlining operations.

    The company has approximately ten employees and has raised €4.5 million. As part of their expansion plan, Eatch intends to work with partners who can handle daily operations, while they provide the automation technology, software, and recipes. The CEO of Eatch, Jelle Sijm, sees the company collaborating with partners to produce food in centralized kitchens for contract caterers. Eatch is currently in talks with grocery chains and contract caterers in the US, eyeing an entry into the American market.

    Overall, the introduction of Eatch’s fully automated robotic kitchen represents a significant advancement in the field of food production. By streamlining and automating the meal production process, Eatch has the potential to revolutionize the food service industry and increase efficiency and productivity in large-scale kitchens.

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