Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Microbot Medical Receives Trademark for Innovative Surgical System

    Microbot Medical Inc., a leading medical device company, has recently been granted a registered trademark for a groundbreaking feature of its LIBERTY® Robotic Surgical System. The trademark, named “One & Done®,” represents a significant milestone for the company in its mission to revolutionize endovascular procedures.

    The LIBERTY Robotic Surgical System is a cutting-edge technology designed to integrate guidewires, microcatheters, and other instruments necessary for complete endovascular procedures. With the “One & Done®” feature, Microbot Medical aims to streamline surgical robotics, making them more accessible and efficient.

    Unlike traditional surgical robotics that rely on large and costly equipment, the LIBERTY Robotic Surgical System eliminates the need for such cumbersome devices. This not only reduces costs but also minimizes radiation exposure and strain on physicians. Through remote operation, this advanced system has the potential to democratize endovascular interventional procedures.

    Microbot Medical is committed to improving clinical outcomes and increasing accessibility within the medical field. As a pre-clinical medical device company specializing in micro-robotic technologies, Microbot Medical aims to transform the way healthcare professionals perform procedures within the human body.

    As the company continues to expand its proprietary assets, including approved and pending patents worldwide, its products’ capabilities are becoming increasingly differentiated. Microbot Medical’s dedication to innovation has positioned it as a key player in the medical device industry.

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    What is the LIBERTY Robotic Surgical System?

    The LIBERTY Robotic Surgical System developed by Microbot Medical is an innovative single-use endovascular robotic system. It integrates various instruments, such as guidewires and microcatheters, to facilitate complete endovascular procedures.

    How does the “One & Done®” feature benefit endovascular procedures?

    The “One & Done®” feature eliminates the need for large, expensive capital equipment typically associated with surgical robotics. It not only reduces costs but also minimizes radiation exposure and physician strain during procedures.

    What is the goal of Microbot Medical?

    Microbot Medical aims to improve clinical outcomes and increase accessibility in the medical field. By specializing in transformational micro-robotic technologies, the company strives to revolutionize the way surgical procedures are performed within the human body.

    Where can I find more information about Microbot Medical?

    For more information about Microbot Medical’s innovative technologies and advancements, visit their official website at