Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
    Giant Robot Showdown: Clash of the Bionic Gladiators at Cross Plains Gymnasium

    A spectacular showdown unfolded at a Cross Plains gymnasium as nine teams from schools across southern Wisconsin battled it out in a robotic gladiator match unlike any other. The Phoenix Fury FTC Qualifier, Dane County’s long-awaited return to robotics competition, treated spectators to a day filled with awe-inspiring displays of technical prowess.

    The event kicked off with an autonomous period, where robots autonomously navigated the arena without human intervention. As the hands-off period came to an end, drivers took control of their creations, guiding them towards victory while the audience watched in anticipation. Safety glasses reflected the glow of the colorful hexagons on the mat, as the robots maneuvered to score points. The tense atmosphere was enhanced further by the urgent buzzers and the whimsical spectacle of paper planes launched by the robots.

    After four hours of intense competition, the dust finally settled, and the closing ceremonies commenced at around 4:30 p.m. Teams gathered to celebrate their achievements and receive well-deserved awards, marking the end of a thrilling day.

    The event showcased not only the incredible technological capabilities of these bionic gladiators but also the creativity and teamwork of the students and mentors involved. It served as a reminder of the ever-expanding potential of robotics in shaping our future.


    Q: What is the Phoenix Fury FTC Qualifier?
    A: The Phoenix Fury FTC Qualifier is a robotics competition held in Cross Plains, Wisconsin, where teams from different schools showcase their robotic creations.

    Q: What happens during the autonomous period?
    A: During the autonomous period, the robots navigate the arena without human control, relying on pre-programmed instructions.

    Q: What is the purpose of the hands-off period?
    A: The hands-off period allows the robots to demonstrate their autonomous capabilities before drivers take control for the remainder of the match.

    Q: How are points scored in the competition?
    A: Points are scored by maneuvering the robots to move colorful hexagons on the mat and completing specific tasks assigned in the competition rules.