Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
    Milrem Robotics Unveils THeMIS Combat UGV with HALCON HUNTER 2-S Munition

    Milrem Robotics, a top robotics and autonomous systems developer in Europe, has revealed its latest innovation, the THeMIS Combat unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), equipped with the HALCON HUNTER 2-S swarming loitering munition. The HALCON HUNTER 2-S is a guided weapons system produced by HALCON, a regional leader in this field.

    The COO of HALCON, Wim Strydom, expressed pride in unveiling this advanced technology solution, which demonstrates the capabilities of EDGE’s smart weapons and autonomous systems. The THeMIS Combat UGV is a remarkable platform, with the HUNTER 2-S loitering munition complementing its autonomous capabilities. This collaboration demonstrates the dedication of both companies to fostering synergies and strategic partnerships.

    The Defence R&D Director of Milrem Robotics, Jüri Pajuste, emphasized the potential for the THeMIS Combat to support infantry units in combat scenarios. By deploying the UGV along with the Hunter 2-S drones, units can access closer targets faster or venture behind enemy lines to locate appropriate targets. Compared to using manned units, deployment of robotic systems is significantly faster and more efficient.

    The THeMIS UGV, which is currently being utilized in robotics programs across 16 countries, is designed to enhance the capabilities of dismounted infantry units. It includes Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Kit (MIFIK), which enables independent navigation, obstacle detection, avoidance, point-to-point navigation, and the ability to follow a designated person.

    The HUNTER 2-S is an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to perform coordinated missions in a swarm. It autonomously follows flight plans, collaborates with other drones, and loiters while searching for and classifying targets until authorized engagement. With a payload capacity of 2kg, cruising altitude of 500m, and a speed of 90km/h, the HUNTER 2-S has an endurance of 45 minutes.

    This new development by Milrem Robotics showcases their commitment to delivering cutting-edge robotics and autonomous systems. It also demonstrates the importance of collaboration and strategic partnerships within the industry.

    – Milrem Robotics
    – HALCON