Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Mobilicom Positioned to Dominate Small-Drone and Robotics Cybersecurity Market

    Mobilicom Limited (MOB) has seen a significant increase in its share price, trading 59% higher since the beginning of 2023. This growth is driven by the company’s strategic positioning in the small-drone and robotics cybersecurity market. Mobilicom is one of the first companies to introduce a cybersecurity solution optimized for small-sized drones and robotics, known as its ICE Cybersecurity Suite. This unique offering has given Mobilicom a competitive edge and opened up revenue-generating opportunities in the market.

    The company has already secured significant contracts, including one with the Israel Ministry of Defense, which uses Mobilicom’s ICE Cybersecurity solution to protect its small-drone assets. The growing interest in drones and autonomous systems, particularly in the United States, may lead to more contracts for Mobilicom in the future.

    The importance of cybersecurity in the small-drone market cannot be understated. Recent events in the Ukraine-Russia conflict have highlighted the vulnerability of drones to cyber attacks. It is not only military drones that are at risk, but also commercial drones used for delivery applications, inspections, and other purposes. Companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Exxon have recognized this and are investing in small-drone security to protect their operations.

    Mobilicom’s impressive IP portfolio, which integrates multiple products into a turn-key bundle, has earned the company design wins and accolades in the industry. This, combined with its strategy of recurring revenue through hardware sales and software solutions, positions MOB for continued growth in the market.

    Overall, Mobilicom is well-positioned to dominate the small-drone and robotics cybersecurity market. Its innovative solutions and strategic partnerships make it a leader in the industry, and its impressive growth in 2023 reflects the market’s recognition of its value proposition.

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