Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    Mobilicom Rallies in the Small-Drone Cybersecurity Market

    Mobilicom Limited (MOB) shares have seen an impressive year-to-date (YTD) gain of over 54%, indicating positive momentum. This rally suggests that there may be even more potential for growth ahead. Mobilicom is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the lucrative small-drone and robotics cybersecurity market, as one of the first companies to introduce a specialized cybersecurity solution optimized for these industries, known as the ICE Cybersecurity Suite. With their innovative solutions and a strong foothold in the market, Mobilicom has the opportunity to generate significant revenue.

    One key advantage that comes with being a leader in the industry is the ability to close significant deals. Mobilicom has secured contracts with prominent clients such as the Israel Ministry of Defense, which uses their ICE Cybersecurity solution to protect their small-drone assets. This milestone not only enhances the company’s value but also strengthens its position in the competitive landscape by creating barriers to entry for potential competitors.

    The importance of cybersecurity in small-sized drone fleets has been highlighted by recent events in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, where electronic warfare tactics have rendered numerous drones inoperative. This has led to increased demand for small-drone security in both military and commercial applications. Mobilicom has capitalized on this demand and has secured deals with key players in the industry, including Teledyne, a leading manufacturer of small-sized drones and robotics.

    With its impressive IP portfolio and a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, Mobilicom is attracting new clients and generating revenues. The company has recently announced design wins and sales in various countries, including Korea, Brazil, and Canada. These developments indicate that Mobilicom is poised for continued growth in the small-drone cybersecurity market.


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