Tue. Nov 28th, 2023
    The Rise of a Young Robotics Teacher: Gohith Chittajallu Inspires Students Through Lego Robotics

    Gohith Chittajallu, a 14-year-old student at Medea Creek Middle School, has discovered a passion for teaching others the art of designing robots using Lego Technic sets. Every third Saturday, he dedicates his time to conducting a monthly robotics class at the Moorpark City Library, where he imparts his knowledge and skills to aspiring young learners.

    His journey into robotics began in fourth grade when he joined a Lego robotics team at Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School. From there, Gohith formed another team with his neighbors and participated in the First Lego League tournament. In this competition, robots are tasked with completing various missions, such as flipping over tires, navigating obstacles, and moving objects from one place to another. Through determination and hard work, Gohith and his team achieved remarkable success, winning five trophies and even progressing to the national level.

    Gohith attributes his achievements to the support of his teammates, mentors, and the helpful librarians who assist with his classes. However, his mother has been his driving force, encouraging him to continue tinkering with Legos and providing resources to enhance his designs. Her unwavering support and motivation have been invaluable throughout his journey.

    Now, armed with multiple awards and a newfound confidence, Gohith is eager to share his knowledge with others. His classes cater to students in grades one through five, and he fosters an engaging and collaborative atmosphere where students can learn from one another. Gohith teaches the fundamentals of coding and building components, while also challenging more experienced participants with complex tasks and obstacles.

    In addition to his teaching endeavors, Gohith aspires to compete in the First Robotics Competition, which involves creating robots using real machinery. For now, he hones his skills at the Moorpark Library, sharing his passion for robotics and inspiring the next generation of innovators.


    Q: How did Gohith start his robotics journey?
    A: Gohith joined a Lego robotics team in fourth grade and later formed his own team.

    Q: How did Gohith’s Lego team perform in the First Lego League tournament?
    A: After participating three times, Gohith’s team achieved great success, winning five trophies and progressing to the national level.

    Q: Who has been a significant source of support for Gohith?
    A: Gohith’s mother has been instrumental in nurturing his interest in robotics, providing resources, and offering unwavering encouragement.

    Q: What age group does Gohith’s monthly robotics class target?
    A: Gohith’s robotics class is designed for students in grades one through five.

    Q: What are Gohith’s future aspirations?
    A: Gohith aims to compete in the First Robotics Competition and pursue a career in robotics or software engineering.

    – Acorn Newspapers (https://www.toacorn.com/articles/young-robotics-teacher-delivers-the-solutions/)