Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
    Italian Companies Find New Home in Delaware County, Indiana

    Delaware County, Indiana, has recently struck a series of agreements with three Italian companies, signaling a significant influx of foreign investment into the region. During a visit to Italy in October, county Commissioners Shannon Henry and James King secured commitments from these firms to establish a presence in Delaware County. The agreements, facilitated by Brad Bookout, the county’s economic development director, aim to bring economic incentives and job opportunities to the area.

    One of the prominent Italian companies, Vi-Technik Sri, plans to lease a 15,000 square-foot building in the Muncie Industria Center near Cowan Road. The company specializes in rubber, plastic, and glazing components for the automotive, defense, and rail industries. Their initial investment will involve $1.8 million in technologically advanced robotic equipment and the hiring of up to 40 skilled technicians. Vi-Technik’s decision to choose Muncie was influenced by the positive reception and relationship developed with local authorities, particularly Brad Bookout.

    Gamma Meccanica, a manufacturer of plastics recycling machinery, also intends to establish a facility in Delaware County. The company will initially focus on housing its machinery and providing demonstrations of its products. The presence of Gamma Meccanica signifies the company’s first location in the United States. CEO Andrea Burini expressed gratitude for the support provided by Brad Bookout in their decision-making process.

    Additionally, Trebi Sri, a robotics company, plans to expand its existing sales office to include warehousing operations in the county. Trebi specializes in manufacturing robotic equipment for tasks that are considered “dangerous, dirty, and low skilled.” Their advanced cutting and deburring robotic machinery will be shipped to Delaware County for distribution throughout the Americas.

    The economic development efforts of Delaware County have attracted numerous Italian firms, including Muncie Power Products and FT Casting. The presence of these companies cultivates a strong Italian business community in the region.

    The agreements with these Italian companies represent a significant step forward for Delaware County in terms of job creation, economic growth, and international partnerships. These investments are a testament to the county’s commitment to fostering a diverse and thriving business environment.


    1. What types of industries do the Italian companies specialize in?

    The Italian companies specialize in various industries such as rubber, plastic, glazing components, automotive, defense, rail, plastics recycling machinery, and robotics.

    2. How will these agreements benefit Delaware County?

    These agreements will bring economic incentives, job opportunities, and international partnerships to Delaware County, fostering economic growth and development in the region.

    3. Who played a crucial role in facilitating these agreements?

    Brad Bookout, the economic development director for Delaware County, played a significant role in arranging the business meetings and fostering positive relationships with the Italian companies.

    4. Are there other Italian companies already present in Delaware County?

    Yes, Muncie Power Products and FT Casting are two established Italian companies with a presence in Delaware County.

    (Sources: Muncie Star Press