Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    ARX Raises €1.15 Million in Pre-Seed Funding to Develop Autonomous Unmanned Systems

    ARX, a defence technology manufacturer, has secured €1.15 million in a pre-seed funding round led by Project A Ventures. The company specializes in developing autonomous unmanned systems for dual-use applications, aiming to assist soldiers and civilian first responders in making better decisions and taking effective action in life-threatening situations.

    ARX builds and operates autonomous robots that can be utilized for various purposes. In military contexts, these robots serve as cost-effective solutions for training troops, gathering intelligence, and completing missions. For civilian emergency services, they offer reliable support for relief purposes.

    The company began as a spin-off from the GEREON research project at the German Armed Forces University in Munich. Currently, ARX is undergoing testing with defence companies and armed forces in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Estonia.

    The funding round led by Project A Ventures will be used to expand the team, advance the technology, and scale up production capabilities. ARX was founded by Marc Wietfeld, CEO, and Stefan Röbel, COO. Wietfeld, an infantry officer in the German Army, drew inspiration for ARX from his personal experience. Röbel, a former army officer turned tech executive, brings valuable expertise to the company.

    ARX aims to revolutionize efficiency, safety, and readiness through its autonomous robotic platform. The company believes that these robots can fulfill multiple roles while saving lives in both civilian and military applications. By leveraging the expertise of military, research, and industry professionals, ARX develops software and hardware solutions that enhance the capabilities of Western Allies.

    The small to medium-sized autonomous robots developed by ARX are based on a universal robotic platform that allows for flexible add-ons and payload solutions. This flexibility enables the robots to adapt to different security and defence-related scenarios. The company addresses the challenges faced by armed forces, companies, and first responders in terms of training and access to rough terrain.

    With the recent funding, ARX is well-positioned to continue its mission of creating autonomous unmanned systems that enhance safety and effectiveness in critical situations.

    – ARX company website