Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
    New November Releases to Expand Your Reading List

    As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to explore the exciting new book releases for November. Whether you’re looking for a fantasy romance, a thought-provoking thriller, or a captivating space mystery, this month’s offerings have got you covered.

    First up, we have “A Power Unbound” by Freya Marske. In this final installment of The Last Binding series, Marske takes us on a journey through an Edwardian-era fantasy world. Prepare to be enthralled by the prickly love story between Lord Jack Hawthorn and journalist Alan Ross as they navigate the consequences of a long-ago bargain between human magicians and ancient fae.

    If you’re in the mood for a near-future thriller, check out “The Future” by Naomi Alderman. Set on a different potential path for humanity, this fable explores the repercussions of knowing the world is about to end. Alderman weaves a timeline-hopping narrative that follows tech billionaires with early pandemic warnings and their beleaguered assistants, rebellious children, and ousted ex-partners who are determined to save the world.

    For fans of sci-fi mysteries, “Chaos Terminal” by Mur Lafferty is a must-read. Join amateur detective Mallory Viridian as she solves crimes aboard a sentient space station. In this second installment of the Midsolar Murders series, Mallory encounters a mix of human and alien victims and suspects, including her former best friend and a law enforcement agent questioning her past.

    Travis Baldree brings us “Bookshops & Bonedust,” a prequel to his cozy fantasy series Legends & Lattes. Follow orc Viv’s journey as she finds herself in a small town, contemplating the end of her fighting days. As she spends the summer in a crumbling bookshop, Viv discovers the power of books, love, and new beginnings.

    In “Shadow Baron” by Davinia Evans, the sequel to “Notorious Sorcerer,” protagonist Siyon Velo faces new challenges after saving Bezim. With mythical creatures appearing from other planes, Siyon must restore balance and protect his city once again.

    Martha Wells continues the thrilling Murderbot series with “System Collapse.” Stranded on a danger-ridden planet, Murderbot must convince colonists to resist a corporation’s ulterior motives. How? By relying on its knowledge of humans from a beloved soap opera.

    “Suyi Davies Okungbowa presents “Warrior of the Wind,” the sequel to “Son of the Storm.” In this West African-inspired epic, the trio of protagonists must face the consequences of their choices, as they navigate a world of magic, politics, and personal desires.

    Finally, “Like Thunder” by Nnedi Okorafor concludes the Desert Magician’s Duology. This Africanfuturist fantasy explores the post-apocalyptic Sahara and delves into the perspective of Dik√©ogu Obidimkpa as he seeks revenge and answers.

    With these diverse and captivating releases, your November reading list is sure to be filled with excitement, love, mystery, and adventure.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I read “A Power Unbound” by Freya Marske without reading the rest of The Last Binding series?

    While it’s always nice to have the full context of a series, “A Power Unbound” can be enjoyed as a standalone novel. However, reading the previous books in the series will enhance your understanding of the overarching storyline and character development.

    2. Is “The Future” by Naomi Alderman similar to her previous novel, “The Power”?

    “The Future” explores different themes and a unique narrative compared to “The Power.” While both books delve into societal issues and power dynamics, “The Future” takes a near-future thriller approach, offering a fresh and thought-provoking reading experience.

    3. Are the books in the Murderbot series standalone novels or do they need to be read in order?

    While each book in the Murderbot series can be enjoyed on its own, reading them in order will provide a deeper understanding of the protagonist’s journey and character development. Starting with “All Systems Red” is recommended to fully appreciate the series.

    4. Can “Bookshops & Bonedust” by Travis Baldree be read as a standalone or is it necessary to read the Legends & Lattes series first?

    “Bookshops & Bonedust” serves as a prequel to the Legends & Lattes series and can be enjoyed as a standalone novel. It offers a unique perspective on the world and characters but reading the series afterward can provide additional context and enjoyment.

    5. Is “Like Thunder” by Nnedi Okorafor suitable for readers who haven’t read the first book in the Desert Magician’s Duology?

    While “Like Thunder” is the conclusion to the Desert Magician’s Duology, it can still be appreciated even if you haven’t read the first book. However, reading “Shadow Speaker” beforehand will give you a more comprehensive understanding of the world and its characters.