Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
    Moapa Valley High School Robotics Shines at Green Valley Tournament

    The Moapa Valley High School (MVHS) Robotics program showcased its talent and emerged victorious at the recent tournament held at Green Valley High School. The tournament, featuring teams from Las Vegas and Henderson, proved to be a fierce competition, but the MVHS Dread Pirates and Marauders outshone the rest.

    Despite starting with equal wins and losses in the qualifying matches, both MVHS teams demonstrated resilience and determination as they clawed their way up the ladder. It was an intense journey, with quarterfinals and semifinals standing in their way. However, fate had a plot twist in store when both teams found themselves facing off against each other in the finals.

    To secure their victories, the MVHS teams strategized and formed alliances with other teams throughout the day. The teams engaged in friendly conversations with their competitors, aiming to gain favor and secure strong alliances for the elimination rounds. The intense gameplay and strategic decision-making added an extra layer of excitement to the tournament.

    In addition to their success in match play, the MVHS teams showcased their coding and driving skills during the Robot Skills Champion award segment. The Dread Pirates ranked an impressive 4th, while the Marauders secured the 5th position. These outstanding performances highlight the dedication and talent of the MVHS Robotics program.

    As it stands, the Dread Pirates are currently ranked 197th in the world, with the Marauders not far behind at 273rd. The teams are committed to continuous improvement, with their sights set on the upcoming competition at Vista School in Ivins, Utah on December 2. Their skills scores will play a crucial role in qualifying for future events, motivating the teams to practice and refine their coding abilities.

    The MVHS Dread Pirates surprised everyone when they formed an alliance with team Perditor from Henderson. Despite Perditor’s higher ranking in the qualifiers, both teams recognized their compatibility and synergy. The Marauders, on the other hand, joined forces with team Terminator from Faith Lutheran High School and employed a unique strategy during elimination rounds.

    Coach Bryan Linford expressed his pride in the teams’ remarkable achievements and their ability to come back from challenging situations. The MVHS Robotics program continues to inspire and nurture the students’ talents, setting new standards for excellence and teamwork.


    What is the Robot Skills Champion award?

    The Robot Skills Champion award is given to the team with the highest combined autonomous coding skills and driver skills in the competition.

    How are alliances formed during eliminations?

    During eliminations, teams select their alliance partners based on ranking and choice. This allows teams to strategically form alliances with other teams for a better chance at victory.

    What do skills scores signify?

    Skills scores help teams qualify for future events and competitions. Higher skills scores indicate a team’s proficiency in coding and driving, showcasing their capabilities to potential alliance partners.