Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    Experience a New Threat in Stranded: Alien Dawn’s Latest DLC

    Stranded: Alien Dawn, the popular colony survival sim, has just released its latest DLC called Robots and Guardians. This expansion introduces a new challenge for players to overcome as their colonies face an invasion of mechanical monstrosities. From killer robots to flying combat drones and walking turrets, these deadly robots will test your ingenuity and survival skills.

    Why are these swarms of lethal robots attacking your base? It all stems from your colonists’ act of rescuing Hope, the galaxy’s first sentient android, from her relentless creators. The mega-corporation responsible for her creation is determined to eliminate both her and your colonists. Your small group of survivors must now defend their planetary base against this formidable threat.

    But it’s more than just protecting Hope; it’s about helping her evolve into a fully-fledged person. In the beginning, Hope is a blank slate, sharing only basic skills with her human companions. As she engages with the other characters and accumulates experience, she unlocks new skills and traits. These traits include increased proficiency, faster movement speed, and improved manipulation efficiency. If you choose, she can even join the combat against the enemy.

    Not only will Hope develop as a character, but she also has her own happiness meter influenced by factors such as boredom, recreation, and her favorite “fuel types” and activities. Additionally, players can construct non-sentient robots for various tasks, including resource gathering, cooking, and battling the invading army of robots.

    With the release of the Robots and Guardians DLC on November 7, players can look forward to an enhanced survival experience in Stranded: Alien Dawn. Alongside the expansion, a free patch will also provide new furniture, weapons, and improved resource collection mechanisms to further enrich gameplay. Prepare yourself for the ultimate test of resilience and adaptability as you confront the mechanical onslaught threatening your colony.


    Q: What is the new DLC for Stranded: Alien Dawn called?
    A: The new DLC is called Robots and Guardians.

    Q: What kind of robots will players encounter in the DLC?
    A: Players will face killer robots, flying combat drones, and walking turrets.

    Q: Why are the robots attacking the player’s base?
    A: The player’s colonists have rescued a sentient android, Hope, which has angered the mega-corporation who created her and wants her, as well as the colonists, eliminated.

    Q: Can Hope participate in combat?
    A: Yes, players have the option to unlock combat skills for Hope.

    Q: What other features are included in the DLC?
    A: The DLC also introduces new furniture, weapons, and an automated process for collecting and transporting resources.