Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    Nanoflex Robotics AG Receives Top 100 Swiss Startup Award

    Nanoflex Robotics AG, a surgical robotic startup based in Switzerland, has been awarded the prestigious TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award. This annual award recognizes and ranks the top startups in the country, as determined by a panel of startup experts and investors. Nanoflex, founded in 2021, is focused on developing innovative solutions in remote surgery and magnetic navigation for various medical procedures.

    In the 2023 TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award, Nanoflex was ranked 27th overall and fourth in the medical technology sector. This is the first time that Nanoflex has received this esteemed recognition. Matthew Curran, CEO of Nanoflex Robotics, expressed his gratitude for the award and emphasized the company’s commitment to creating next-generation robotic surgical solutions that can enhance access to life-saving procedures.

    Nanoflex’s platform utilizes advanced magnetic technology and highly flexible endoluminal robotic tools to provide physicians with greater control, dexterity, and precision during procedures. The platform’s primary focus is on enabling remote mechanical thrombectomies in stroke patients, where timely intervention is crucial. By allowing physicians to safely and accurately treat patients through remote surgery, Nanoflex aims to increase access to timely stroke treatment, regardless of the physician’s location.

    The Nanoflex Robotics platform is also being developed to facilitate various vascular procedures, providing in-person physicians with a comfortable and convenient tool for execution. Its compact and mobile design ensures seamless integration into different clinical settings and operating rooms, showcasing its versatility as a robotic assistant tailored for hospital environments.

    This achievement highlights Nanoflex Robotics’ dedication to revolutionizing surgical robotics and improving patient outcomes. With their cutting-edge technology, they are set to make significant contributions to the medical field.

    – TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award
    – Nanoflex Robotics AG