Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
    Nauticus Robotics Enters Service Contract with Shell for Subsea Inspection Services

    Nauticus Robotics Inc’s autonomous subsea robot, Aquanaut, has secured a service contract with Shell for inspection services on a Shell subsea field development in the Gulf of Mexico. The financial details of the contract have not been disclosed. The contract also includes the potential for future inspection service projects, indicating a potential long-term collaboration between the two companies.

    During the qualification phase, Nauticus successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of its autonomous methods of subsea operations for inspection services. Aquanaut, the flagship robot, will be responsible for performing noncontact and contact inspections across the extensive subsea complex without the need for an umbilical.

    To ensure safe operations, a remote pilot will collaborate with Aquanaut through Nauticus’ acoustic communications link. This partnership combines human expertise with autonomous capabilities for efficient and effective inspections.

    CEO Nicolaus Radford expressed confidence in the agreement, stating that Nauticus now has visibility into long-term IMR (Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair) services for Shell and the opportunity to become the preferred supplier for this advanced work.

    Nauticus Robotics specializes in the development of ocean robots and artificial intelligence for autonomous services in the offshore industries. This contract with Shell further solidifies Nauticus’ position in the market and highlights the growing demand for innovative subsea inspection solutions.

    In terms of market performance, Nauticus Robotics’ shares were trading lower by 2.48% at $1.96 at the time of the last check on Thursday.

    – Autonomous: Operating independently or with minimal human intervention.
    – Subsea: Relating to operations or structures that are located below the surface of the sea.
    – Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair (IMR): Activities involved in ensuring the proper functioning and upkeep of offshore facilities.

    – Nauticus Robotics enters into service contract with Shell for subsea inspection services (source not provided)
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