Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
    Students in Negros Occidental Showcase Robotics Skills at Provincial Competition

    Elementary and high school students in Negros Occidental, Philippines, have demonstrated their potential in the field of robotics through the “Battle of Bots: Provincial Level Robotics Competition.” Organized by the Negros Occidental Language and Information Technology Center (NOLITC), the competition featured categories such as line tracing and sumo bots.

    The participants showcased their innovative thinking, creativity, and coding prowess as they tackled various game challenges. Ma. Cristina Orbecido, the vocational school administrator of NOLITC, expressed her enthusiasm for engaging students in robotics and intelligent machines programs to cultivate young inventors who can provide solutions to community problems.

    The 2023 “Battle of Bots” marked the competition’s third year and its first edition since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Held at the Negros Residences in Bacolod City, the event gathered 80 participants over two days. The competitors advanced to the provincial level after emerging victorious in the district elimination rounds held in Bago and San Carlos.

    Melvin Matulac, the founder of Pinoy Robot Games and a key partner in organizing the competition, praised the students’ preparedness and readiness to compete, and voiced optimism about the future of robotics in Negros Occidental. He expressed his hope that students from the province would achieve national recognition and eventually compete on an international stage.

    Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson highlighted the growing interest in robotics among teachers and students since the program’s inception three years ago. He emphasized the importance of empowering students to use their robotics skills to address community challenges.

    The competition saw several talented winners, including Julian Dash Acojedo from Ramon Magsaysay Elementary School, who emerged as the champion in the line tracing category. Acojedo expressed his gratitude to his school, coach, and parents for their support and pledged to contribute to the development of robotics in his school and city.

    The winners in the sumobot elementary category included Joehan Bugna from Bago City Elementary School as the champion, with Liam Drei Dedia and Lourd Eugene Subrado as the first and second runners-up, respectively. In the high school sumobot category, Sanjo Alleja from Rafael B. Lacson National High School was crowned champion.

    The competition not only showcased the talent and potential of students in Negros Occidental but also encouraged their passion for robotics and problem-solving. With continued support and opportunities, these young inventors have the potential to make significant contributions in the field of robotics.
    Sources: Philippine News Agency