Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
    Cultivatd and Seasony Partner to Enhance Indoor Farming Solutions

    Cultivatd, a leading provider of indoor farming solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Seasony, a robotics automation and monitoring platform for vertical farms. This collaboration aims to help growers improve the profitability and scalability of their farms through mobile robotics automation, powerful data capture, and analytics.

    The partnership between Cultivatd and Seasony is rooted in a shared commitment to sustainability and efficiency, as both companies strive to deliver solutions that address the unique challenges faced by indoor growers around the world. By leveraging Seasony’s innovative Watney modular automation platform, Cultivatd can offer growers the tools they need to streamline their farm operations, maximize yields, optimize resource usage, and achieve efficiency goals with greater precision and confidence.

    Eric Levesque, CEO of Cultivatd, believes that this partnership will provide growers with operational efficiency and robust equipment. By combining their strengths, Cultivatd and Seasony enable growers to navigate the complexities of modern agriculture while promoting sustainable practices and higher yields.

    Christopher Weis Thomasen, CEO of Seasony, highlights the significance of their flexible automation alternative. Seasony’s platform supports repetitive and potentially dangerous human tasks without the need for costly conventional automation solutions. This new wave in vertical farm automation presents growers with an accessible and efficient way to improve their operations.

    With the collaboration between Cultivatd and Seasony, indoor growers now have access to a comprehensive solution that integrates cutting-edge technology, automation, and data analytics. By harnessing the power of mobile robotics and advanced data capture, growers can optimize their farming practices and achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability.

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