Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    New Hospital Center Advances Robotics in Rehabilitation

    Center Valley, PA – Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital unveiled its state-of-the-art Fleming Center for Robotics in Rehabilitation, which is set to revolutionize the field of rehabilitation. The new center, made possible by the Fleming Foundation, aims to support individuals with limited mobility and provide them with access to cutting-edge robotics and wearable technologies.

    Leveraging innovative robotics technology, the center will help patients, like Mikena Garza, who was born with cerebral palsy, to improve their mobility and quality of life. Through the use of robotic devices such as the Trekso, individuals who were previously unable to walk can now stand up and take steps.

    “It kind of just really helps me walk better and improve my, like, straightening out my legs and me taking more steps,” shared Garza, beaming with pride.

    The late Richard Fleming, a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist, established the Fleming Foundation to pioneer groundbreaking initiatives. His daughter, Trinka Arnold, now leads the foundation and has been instrumental in driving the collaboration with Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital.

    “My father always wanted to push the envelope and do something that nobody had ever done before,” said Arnold. “When I heard about the need for assistance in robotic technology within rehabilitation, it seemed like a perfect fit for the Fleming Foundation.”

    With the opening of the Fleming Center for Robotics in Rehabilitation, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation continues to be at the forefront of providing innovative healthcare solutions. As Michael Spigel, President and CEO of Good Shepherd Rehabilitation, explains, “Robotics in rehabilitation is a broad concept that involves the use of external devices to assist individuals in various activities, such as reaching or walking.”

    This advancement in healthcare technology is an essential aspect of the Fleming Foundation’s mission to bring accessible care closer to home. By offering comprehensive robotic devices like the Trekso, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation ensures that patients no longer need to travel long distances for cutting-edge treatment.


    Q: What is the Fleming Center for Robotics in Rehabilitation?
    A: The Fleming Center for Robotics in Rehabilitation is a newly established center at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital that utilizes robotics and wearable technologies to assist individuals with limited mobility.

    Q: What is the purpose of the center?
    A: The center aims to provide innovative solutions and improve the mobility and quality of life of patients who have difficulty walking or performing certain actions.

    Q: Who is Mikena Garza?
    A: Mikena Garza is a young girl with cerebral palsy who has benefited from the use of robotic devices like the Trekso at Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital.

    Q: Why is the Fleming Foundation involved?
    A: The Fleming Foundation, established by the late Richard Fleming, is committed to supporting groundbreaking initiatives. They recognized the need for robotic technology in rehabilitation and collaborated with Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital to make a significant impact.