Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
    Advancements in Healthcare Technology Improve Patient Care

    Healthcare and technology continue to forge a strong partnership, revolutionizing medical procedures and enhancing patient outcomes. With the implementation of new programs and equipment, healthcare providers can now offer improved services and faster results. Two notable advancements in the field include the robotic bronchoscopy machine and the Amplatzer Amulet.

    The robotic bronchoscopy machine, utilized by Dr. Alfredo Iardino at CHI, enables more efficient and precise lung biopsies. By navigating through the bronchi with the assistance of a 3D image, the machine significantly reduces the risk of a collapsed lung. Moreover, it allows for the identification and biopsy of smaller lesions, enabling healthcare professionals to detect conditions at an earlier stage. Patients who require a lung biopsy can now receive prompt scheduling, quicker results, and immediate treatment, cutting waiting times drastically.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Joya Ganguly specializes in cardiac electrophysiology at CHI and praises the Amplatzer Amulet for its role in stroke prevention. Designed for patients who are at risk of strokes but cannot be on blood thinners, the Amulet creates a barrier between the left atrial appendage and the rest of the heart. This barrier helps trap blood clots, significantly reducing the risk of stroke. Dr. Ganguly notes that the Amplatzer Amulet offers an additional barrier compared to similar devices like the Watchman, making it an innovative solution for patient care.

    Both the robotic bronchoscopy machine and the Amplatzer Amulet represent groundbreaking technologies in their respective fields. CHI is proud to lead the way in North Dakota with these advancements, ensuring that patients receive state-of-the-art care with improved outcomes.


    Q: What is a robotic bronchoscopy machine?
    A: A robotic bronchoscopy machine is a cutting-edge technology used for performing lung biopsies. It assists doctors by navigating through the bronchi using a 3D image of the patient’s lungs, reducing the risk of complications and enabling biopsies of smaller lesions.

    Q: What is the Amplatzer Amulet?
    A: The Amplatzer Amulet is a device utilized in cardiac electrophysiology to prevent strokes. It creates a barrier between the left atrial appendage and the rest of the heart, trapping potential blood clots and reducing the risk of stroke.

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