Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
    9 Must-Have Bags on Sale This Week

    This article highlights nine must-have bags that are currently on sale. The author mentions that these bags were observed at New York Fashion Week and are inspired by the latest trends on the runway. The bags mentioned include:

    • Small Black Cookie Bag from Maimoun Store
    • Studio Baguette Bag from Coach
    • Diane Logo Printed Striped Top Handle Bag from Cettire
    • Le Market Mini from Frame Store
    • Mini Shirley Leather Tote from Shopbop
    • Mini Lady Bag from Shopbop
    • Mini Leather Bucket Bag from Saks Fifth Avenue
    • Aqua x Maeve Reilly Crystal Shoulder Bag from Bloomingdale’s
    • Embellished Leather Tote from Net-a-Porter

    The author provides a brief description of each bag, along with a link to purchase them at their respective online stores. The bags range from unique and playful designs, such as the cookie bag and crystal shoulder bag, to more classic and timeless styles like the leather tote and top handle bag.

    The article also mentions that the bags on the list are currently on sale, making them more affordable and accessible to readers. Overall, this article serves as a curated list of stylish bags that fashion enthusiasts can consider adding to their collection.

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