Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
    Breaking Barriers: New Palestine High School Robotics Club Joins International Robotics Honor Society

    The Robotics Club at New Palestine High School is making waves in the world of STEM education. With their recent induction into the International Robotics Honor Society (IRHS), they have become the first high school in the state of Indiana to open an official chapter. This prestigious recognition goes beyond their accomplishments in competitive robotics, extending to academic excellence, personal character, and community service.

    The IRHS aims to elevate the profile of student participation in robotics at various levels, encourage academic excellence in STEM fields, foster character development, and promote student involvement in service opportunities. By joining this esteemed society, the New Palestine High School Robotics Club is poised to gain recognition and merit, transcending the label of just another school club.

    Tim Tarplee, a teacher at NPHS and one of the sponsors for the club, recognized the opportunity for the school to join the IRHS. After researching other chapters across the United States, he realized that Indiana was not yet represented. Tarplee believed that this was an excellent opportunity for the students at NPHS to showcase their skills and dedication to robotics.

    The club members, with an average GPA of 3.8 or higher, work tirelessly to excel both in competitions and in the classroom. Their commitment and determination have led them to become members of not only the National Honor Society but also the newly formed International Robotics Honor Society.

    As the team adds the official “IRHS” member title to their website and their registered competitions, they will proudly display their affiliation as a badge of honor. In the future, graduation cords will be worn by seniors, and the club will establish bylaws based on the structure of other honor societies for high school students.

    Being part of the IRHS has a significant impact on the students’ futures. Andrew Maple, a sophomore and the chapter’s first secretary, stressed the positive influence this recognition will have on college applications and resumes. The honor society membership will help set them apart, showcasing not only their competitive accomplishments but also their dedication to education.

    With this new distinction, the NPHS Robotics Club hopes to inspire future generations of students to pursue robotics and STEM education. Kendall Steele, a junior and long-time member of the club, emphasized their competitiveness and the thrill of being part of an official robotics honor society.

    The NPHS Robotics Club is breaking barriers and forging a path for other schools to follow. By joining the International Robotics Honor Society, they have solidified their reputation as leaders in the field. As they continue to set high standards, their presence at competitions signals their commitment to excellence. The team is eagerly looking forward to the opportunities and recognition that being part of the IRHS will bring them in the years to come.


    Q: What is the International Robotics Honor Society (IRHS)?
    A: The IRHS is an organization that recognizes high school students for excellence in robotics, academics, personal character, and community service.

    Q: How does joining the IRHS benefit the New Palestine High School Robotics Club?
    A: Joining the IRHS elevates the club’s profile, provides recognition for their achievements, and sets them apart as leaders in the field of competitive robotics.

    Q: What are the objectives of the IRHS?
    A: The objectives of the IRHS include promoting student participation in robotics, encouraging academic excellence in STEM fields, fostering character development, and increasing involvement in service opportunities.