Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
    The Olney High School Robotics Team Excels at Regional Competition

    The Olney High School Robotics team showcased their skills and innovation at the Collin County Regional contest held at Guyer High School on October 28th. Comprising of talented individuals like Angel Alvardo, Rodolfo Arce, and Aidyn Bitner, the team delivered an impressive performance that wowed both the judges and the audience.

    Throughout the competition, each team member had the opportunity to drive the robot, named BEMO, a total of eight times during regulation play. However, thanks to their exemplary Engineering Notebook, which serves as a record of their design process and technical achievements, the team earned a bonus round. Angel Alvardo, in particular, stood out by earning an additional 60 points in the bonus round, showcasing their ability to think critically and solve complex challenges.

    One of the key tasks assigned to BEMO was the removal of arterial plaque from the arteries, represented by small wooden blocks. The team navigated this challenge with precision, efficiently placing the blocks into a designated “biohazard box.” Their next task involved the placement of a stent, a plastic cup, inside the artery, followed by the replacement of heart valves.

    Under the guidance of their dedicated coach, Sabrina Laurent, the Olney High School Robotics team demonstrated remarkable problem-solving skills and ingenuity. BEMO successfully accomplished the assigned tasks, including removing arterial plaque, picking up new heart valves, and replacing the old ones.

    The team’s outstanding performance not only highlights the talent and dedication of each member but also showcases the importance of robotics in tackling real-world medical scenarios. By participating in competitions like the BEST Robotics Competition, students gain invaluable experience in critical thinking, teamwork, and engineering principles.


    1. What is the purpose of the Engineering Notebook in robotics competitions?

    The Engineering Notebook serves as a documentation of the team’s design process, technical achievements, and problem-solving strategies. It provides a comprehensive record of their robot’s development and serves as evidence of their analytical and strategical thinking.

    2. How does the bonus round work in the BEST Robotics Competition?

    Teams can earn a bonus round in the BEST Robotics Competition based on the quality of their Engineering Notebook. The bonus round provides an opportunity to earn additional points and showcase exceptional performance beyond the regular rounds of play.

    3. How does participating in robotics competitions benefit students?

    Participating in robotics competitions offers students a range of benefits, including the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, the opportunity to apply engineering principles in real-world scenarios, and the chance to work collaboratively as a team. It also provides valuable experience and exposure to the field of robotics and engineering.

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