Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
    Olis Robotics Raises $4.1 Million in Funding for Remote Industrial Robot Control

    Olis Robotics, a specialist in remote monitoring, control, and error recovery technology for industrial robots, has secured $4.1 million in funding. The funding round was led by PSL Ventures, with participation from Tectonic Ventures, Ubiquity Ventures, and several strategic angel investors, including robotics pioneer Daniel Theobald.

    Olis Robotics’ flagship product, Olis Connect, enables remote monitoring, control, and troubleshooting of industrial robots, ultimately improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and reducing costly robot downtime. The system can be accessed via a web browser on an edge-hosted PC, allowing users to connect with both new and legacy industrial robot arms and cells.

    The Olis Connect system is compatible with robot brands such as Universal Robots and FANUC, covering approximately 20% of the operational stock of more than 3.5 million industrial robots globally. With this funding, Olis Robotics plans to expand its support to additional robot brands, which account for more than half of all industrial robots.

    Once installed, the plug-and-play Olis Connect device enables secure remote access, allowing users to monitor and manage their automation from anywhere, using any browser-capable device. In the event of a problem with the robot, Olis Connect sends an alert to the user’s device via a secure connection, facilitating remote error recovery actions.

    One of the key features of Olis Connect is its ability to provide remote error correction, allowing users to quickly resolve issues and minimize downtime. The system incorporates three cameras that enable real-time monitoring of the entire robot cell, facilitating 24/7 measurement of Key Performance Indicators like OEE. It also offers on-demand video replay to diagnose the root cause of any errors.

    Olis Connect is designed to ensure industrial robot safety by adhering to the robot’s existing safety permissions and restrictions. This means that when remotely controlling the arm, the system always obeys velocity, acceleration, and joint limit settings.

    Olis Robotics aims to address the growing demand for remote monitoring and control solutions in the manufacturing industry. With automation adoption on the rise, the need for robust, safe, and secure remote access tools has become crucial. Olis Robotics’ innovative technology provides a practical solution that can be deployed on both new and existing industrial automation systems.

    Overall, the funding secured by Olis Robotics will enable the company to expand its partnerships with robot system integrators in North America, develop new software products, and meet the increasing demand for remote robot control technology.

    – PSL Ventures
    – Olis Robotics