Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
    OnPoint Augmented Reality Spine System Demonstrates High Accuracy in Preclinical Studies


    OnPoint Surgical, Inc. has announced that the OnPoint Augmented Reality Spine System has been found to have high accuracy in two separate presentations at the 2023 Congress of Neurological Surgeons. The system utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve surgical procedures. The presentations compared the accuracy of the OnPoint system to existing navigation, robotic, and AR systems and found significant improvements. The system was praised for its high accuracy, lightweight design, and 4k resolution display.

    Overview of the Study:

    The first presentation compared the accuracy of the OnPoint system using either preoperative CT scans or intraoperative 3D scans. The results showed that the use of preoperative CT scans reduced the need for repeat intraoperative scans and decreased operating room time. The second presentation evaluated the accuracy of the OnPoint system with a stereoscopic targeting head-mounted display compared to standard computer navigation, robotic systems, and existing AR systems. The study found that the OnPoint system demonstrated a 2-5 times improvement in accuracy compared to other systems.

    Physician Feedback:

    Physicians involved in the study expressed their excitement about the OnPoint Augmented Reality Spine System. Dr. Timothy O’Connor, a director of MIS and Robotic Spine Surgery, believes that the system’s accuracy and 3D visualization will have a significant impact on placing instrumentation accurately and improving patient safety. Dr. Ibrahim Hussain, an assistant professor of Neurological Surgery, noted that the system’s accuracy surpassed standard navigation and robotic guidance systems, and also appreciated its lightweight design.

    About OnPoint Surgical:

    OnPoint Surgical is a privately-held medical technology company that focuses on developing augmented reality (AR) systems for various medical procedures, including spinal, neurosurgical, orthopedic, arthroscopic, and robotic surgeries. The OnPoint AR Spine System, which received FDA 510(k) clearance, is an open platform compatible with major implant manufacturers. The system is cost-effective, accurate, and does not require changes to surgical techniques or practices. The OnPoint companies have obtained multiple patents for their AR guidance technology and are expanding into new applications and clinical indications.

    – OnPoint Surgical, Inc. PR Newswire, September 13, 2023.