Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
    OnSight Technology Completes Successful Seed Round to Advance Robotics and Computer Vision Initiatives in the Solar Industry

    OnSight Technology, a prominent robotics and computer vision company focused on the PV solar industry, has announced the successful completion of its Seed round. This funding injection will propel OnSight Technology’s efforts to push the boundaries of computer vision and autonomous driving in the solar sector. The funds will be utilized to strengthen research and development capabilities, attract top talent, and establish strategic partnerships to enhance their AI algorithms. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, OnSight aims to optimize and streamline solar operations by harnessing the full potential of artificial intelligence.

    Leading the round is Moneta Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm. Joining them as a strategic investor and board member is Stäubli, a global market leader in solar connections and a prominent player in robotics and industrial automation. The Growth Factory, a previous investor based in Sacramento, has also participated in this funding round.

    Derek Chase, CEO of OnSight Technology, expressed gratitude to Moneta Ventures, Stäubli, and the Growth Factory for their support. He believes that this round of funding will propel the company forward by revolutionizing the robotics and computer vision landscape in the solar industry.

    Moneta Ventures recognizes the immense potential of OnSight Technology’s advanced solutions and aims to guide the company towards sustainable growth and leadership within the industry. With Stäubli’s investment, a strategic partnership between the two companies is solidified. As a renowned player in robotics and industrial automation, Stäubli will contribute valuable industry insights and expertise to further drive OnSight Technology’s success.

    OnSight Technology’s platform represents a significant breakthrough in the utility solar market. By capturing data beneath solar panels, where many equipment failures occur, OnSight’s robots enable a dramatic reduction in commissioning and maintenance costs while improving accuracy and asset performance.

    Franco Delvecchio, EP of Stäubli Electrical Connectors, expressed enthusiasm for participating in OnSight Technology’s development of innovative computer vision and AI solutions for enhanced safety in the solar industry. It is part of Stäubli’s commitment to pushing forward innovation and future-oriented technologies to make operations easier and safer for their customers.

    The Growth Factory’s continued investment in OnSight Technology demonstrates their dedication to fostering innovation and driving economic growth in the Sacramento region. As the first investor in OnSight, they are excited to continue supporting the company’s journey toward building a world-class organization.

    OnSight Technology is known for its expertise in developing advanced solutions for the utility and commercial solar industry. By combining state-of-the-art technology with an in-depth understanding of the sector, OnSight aims to revolutionize traditional processes to drive efficiency, productivity, and safety.

    Source: Onsight Technology