Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
    Open Source Community Refreshes Design of NASA-JPL Rocker-Bogie Rover

    The open source community has taken on the challenge of improving the design of the NASA-JPL rocker-bogie rover, making it more affordable and accessible. The original design, while impressive, was costly and difficult to build. The community’s new version focuses on using off-the-shelf parts to bring down costs and eliminate the need for custom fabrication.

    The previous design had become expensive due to the unavailability of certain parts or their discontinuation. The community’s refreshed design addresses this issue by utilizing readily available parts, cutting the overall cost by almost 50%. Additionally, there is no longer a need for any machined or 3D printed parts.

    To further optimize the rover, certain features from the original design have been removed, such as the rover’s head, which is unnecessary for many applications. The new version also offers improved protection against fluid and dust ingress, as well as enhanced serviceability. Those interested in inspecting or modifying the design can do so by loading the entire model in OnShape.

    For individuals looking to build their own rover, the parts list is available on GitHub. Alternatively, the original design can be explored for more information. The open source community’s efforts have made the NASA-JPL rocker-bogie rover more cost-effective and accessible, opening the doors for more people to engage with this exciting technology.


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