Thu. Nov 30th, 2023
    Paris High School Robotics Team Shines in VEX Robotics Competition

    The Paris High School Robotics team showcased their exceptional skills and talent over the weekend at the highly-anticipated VEX Robotics Competition held at Texas High in Texarkana. Comprised of three talented PHS seniors—Mylee Anderson, Houston Rogers, and Preston Thompson—the team not only made it to the semi-finals but also walked away with the prestigious Excellence Award, the highest honor in the VEX Robotics Competition.

    The Excellence Award is a testament to the team’s unwavering commitment, hard work, and unwavering passion for the field of robotics. With the guidance and support of their dedicated teacher Jodi Andoe, their classmates, and an army of supporters, the team emerged victorious, marking a significant milestone in their robotics journey.

    Beyond their individual success, the Paris High School Robotics team’s triumph signifies the importance of STEM education and robotics programs in schools and communities. By setting an exemplary standard of excellence, they have become an inspiration to students and educators, emphasizing the limitless possibilities that await those who devote themselves to the fields of robotics, engineering, and computer science.


    Q: What is the VEX Robotics Competition?
    A: The VEX Robotics Competition is an international competition that encourages students to design, build, and program robots to compete against each other in various challenges.

    Q: What does the Excellence Award signify?
    A: The Excellence Award is the highest honor in the VEX Robotics Competition, awarded to schools or organizations that demonstrate overall excellence in creating a high-quality robotics program.

    Q: Why is this award significant?
    A: This award not only recognizes the team’s accomplishments but also highlights the importance of STEM education and robotics programs in fostering innovation and creativity in students.