Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
    Path Robotics Unveils Autonomous Fit-up Robotic System at FABTECH

    Path Robotics, the leader in autonomous welding robotic systems, has announced the release of their new Autonomous Fit-up robotic system (“AF-1”), which is capable of both fit-up and welding of metal parts. This groundbreaking system will revolutionize the metal fabrication industry.

    The AF-1 system enables manufacturers to increase production throughput without the need for hiring additional fitters, welders, and programmers. Using proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence technology, the system can autonomously pick, fit-up, and weld small parts. Manufacturers can simply load in raw components, initiate the system, and return to find a batch of welded parts. The AF-1 cells can run autonomously for hours without any human intervention. As part of Path Robotics’ Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) offering, manufacturers also have access to 24/7 production assistance through the Mission Control command center.

    “We are excited to publicly unveil a system we have been developing for years that we know will change the landscape of manufacturing for years to come,” said Andy Lonsberry, Co-Founder and CEO of Path Robotics.

    Hutchens Industries, Inc., a leader in trailer industry components, was one of the early partners for Path during the development of AF-1. They see the AF-1 cells as a way to continue growing their company and addressing labor gaps.
    Path Robotics is already working with customers and has a backlog of orders into late 2023. They are actively signing up more manufacturers to the platform.

    Path Robotics creates robotic systems that utilize advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision technology. Their mission is to empower local manufacturers with intelligent robotics to enhance their capabilities and success.

    – Path Robotics