Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    Perceptual Robotics Secures Investment for Expansion in Renewables Industry

    Perceptual Robotics, a high-tech maintenance solution provider, has successfully completed its largest ever investment round, bringing on board energy-transition focused investors to support the expansion of its AI-enabled robotics technology in the renewables industry. The company offers a fully automated wind turbine inspection solution through its Dhalion drone and AI image processing pipeline.

    The Dhalion drone eliminates the need for a human pilot and uses AI technology to detect damages such as erosion and cracks in wind turbine blades. The inspection results are then analyzed using a web-based tool, allowing for efficient management of blade maintenance for a fleet of assets. By detecting damages earlier, clients are able to reduce repair costs, increase production, and upskill their existing teams in the latest technologies.

    Perceptual Robotics has closed its latest funding round, with investment from Susten, a well-known name in the energy industry. This partnership will enable Perceptual Robotics to further expand its global reach and develop new product lines. The funding will not only provide financial support but also benefit from Susten’s experience in sustainability, energy, and operations.

    Kostas Karachalios, CEO of Perceptual Robotics, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating that it will enhance the company’s growth and expansion into new markets. He emphasized the importance of expanding the talented team and leveraging the expertise of Susten.

    Perceptual Robotics has previously secured funding from One Planet Capital, as well as a consortium of international investors, enabling its expansion into Southeast Asia, North and South America. With this latest funding round, the company aims to continue its growth and push the boundaries of robotics and automation in the renewable energy sector.

    Chrys Vakla, Deputy CEO of Susten, has also joined the board of Perceptual Robotics, bringing a strategic perspective and industry understanding to the company. Vakla expressed her confidence in Perceptual Robotics’ advanced technology and highly skilled team, highlighting the potential for continued growth and collaboration.

    The partnership between Perceptual Robotics and Susten signifies a shared vision and goals in driving innovation and creating real impact in the renewable energy sector. With Susten’s ongoing financial support, Perceptual Robotics is well-positioned to expand its reach and make significant strides in the industry.

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