Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    Perceptual Robotics Secures Investment from Energy-Transition Focused Investors

    Perceptual Robotics, a tech maintenance solution provider based in Bristol, has achieved its largest ever investment by partnering with energy-transition focused investors. The company specializes in automated wind turbine inspection using its Dhalion drone and AI technology.

    The Dhalion drone is equipped with advanced image processing capabilities driven by artificial intelligence. This enables the drone to conduct fully automated inspections of wind turbine blades, detecting any damages or faults. The results of these inspections are then processed through a web-based tool that manages the maintenance of wind turbine blades for a fleet of assets.

    Perceptual Robotics has recently completed its latest funding round with investment from Susten, a company focused on sustainability, energy, and operations. This investment will allow Perceptual Robotics to continue its global expansion into new regions and product lines. The partnership with Susten will provide both financial support and valuable expertise in the field.

    The CEO of Perceptual Robotics, Kostas Karachalios, expressed his delight at the partnership, stating that it will enhance the company’s work and support its growth as a business. The investment will be used to expand the company’s talented team and facilitate expansion into new markets.

    This latest funding round follows a series of successful funding rounds for Perceptual Robotics earlier in the year. These rounds were led by investors such as One Planet Capital, Metavallon VC, TSP Ventures, Brookstreet Equity Partners, and Lstone Capital. The investments have allowed Perceptual Robotics to expand its operations in Southeast Asia, North and South America, and strengthen its global team.

    In addition to the funding, Perceptual Robotics has also welcomed Chrys Vakla, deputy CEO of Susten, to its board. Vakla praised Perceptual Robotics for its advanced technology and skilled team, expressing confidence in their continued growth.

    The investment from Susten highlights the growing interest and support for companies focused on energy transition and sustainability. Perceptual Robotics is well-positioned to capitalize on the increasing demand for automated solutions in the renewable sector, and this investment will further propel their expansion and innovation efforts.

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