Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
    Phoebe Putney Health System Expands Surgical Robotics Program

    Phoebe Putney Health System has recently increased their surgical robotics program by acquiring two additional da Vinci XI systems. These robots are the latest and most advanced systems available. One robot is already being used in the operating rooms at Phoebe’s flagship hospital in Albany, where robotic surgery has been performed for the past 13 years. The other robot is now in use at Phoebe Sumter Medical Center in Americus, making it their first robotic surgical system.

    Dr. Jason Langer, a general surgeon at Phoebe, expressed his support for robotic surgery, stating that it helps provide safe and efficient care with the best outcomes for his patients. Dr. Langer has performed around 600 robotic surgeries since 2016 and uses the da Vinci system for various types of surgery, including gall bladder removals, hernia repairs, and procedures involving the colon. He believes that robotic surgery allows for better technique, resulting in less blood loss, pain, chance for infections, and quicker recovery times.

    The da Vinci XI system enables surgeons to perform minimally-invasive procedures through small incisions. The instruments, controlled through a console, provide a greater range of motion than the human hand and offer highly magnified, 3-D, high-definition views of the surgical area.

    Expanding the robotics program allows Phoebe to perform more robotic surgeries and provide quicker access to patients. Dr. Langer states that having a multi-specialty robotics program helps improve patient care in the community.

    In Albany, general surgeons, surgical oncologists, gynecologists, and urologists utilize the robotic systems. In Americus, where the Georgia HEART rural hospital tax credit program funded the purchase, Phoebe’s bariatrics surgeons began using the new system for weight loss patients. They have also started using it for other general and specialty surgeries at Phoebe Sumter.

    Dr. Jeremy Joyner, a bariatrics and general surgeon at Phoebe Sumter, mentioned that the robotic system allows for one surgeon to safely perform bariatric surgeries, eliminating the need for two surgeons. This has allowed the program to expand and serve more patients with positive outcomes.

    One patient, Dyshika Jackson, underwent robotic bariatrics surgery at Phoebe Sumter and noticed benefits within a week. She has already lost 20 pounds since starting the Phoebe Bariatrics program six months ago and is confident she will achieve her 100-pound weight loss goal within the next year.

    To showcase the capabilities of the da Vinci robot, Phoebe Sumter held a public event for community leaders. Additionally, students and teachers from educational partners will have the opportunity to witness the system in action at the Phoebe Simulation & Innovation Center in Albany.


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    – Definitions:
    – da Vinci XI system: The latest and most advanced surgical robotics system used for minimally-invasive procedures.
    – Minimally-invasive procedures: Surgical procedures performed through small incisions, resulting in less pain, quicker recovery times, and fewer complications.
    – Incisions: Cuts made in the body for surgical access.