Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
    Exciting Robotics Competition Inspires Students at Portland East Middle School

    Portland East Middle School recently hosted an exhilarating robotics competition that brought together more than 50 talented teams from across Tennessee. The Battle of the Bots, a fiercely contested state qualifying event, showcased the incredible skills and ingenuity of young minds.

    Leading the charge at Portland East Middle School is Dale Sadler, the dedicated school counselor and robotics team coach. Having been involved with the program since its inception seven years ago, Sadler expressed his unwavering passion for working with the students, describing it as an interesting and enjoyable experience.

    At the heart of this robotics extravaganza is the Vex Robotics Competition, recognized as the world’s largest and most prestigious event of its kind. The students who participate in the Robotics Club at Portland East Middle School spend their entire year designing and refining their robot, using the opportunity to develop essential soft skills such as teamwork and problem-solving.

    Sadler explained that the competition kicks off with the release of the game for the following year at the World Competition in May. During the summer, the students brainstorm different strategies and build prototypes in their quest for success. As the new academic year begins, the students take their robots to various competitions, aiming to secure a spot in the State Competition. Their ultimate goal is to qualify for the World Competition, which takes place in Dallas, Texas.

    This thrilling robotics journey not only provides students with hands-on experience in engineering and technology, but it also fosters their creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative abilities. The Battle of the Bots showcases not only the technical prowess of the participants but also their dedication, perseverance, and incredible problem-solving skills.


    Q: What is the Battle of the Bots?
    A: The Battle of the Bots is a state qualifying competition that brings together robotics teams from across Tennessee.

    Q: How long has Dale Sadler been involved with the Robotics Club?
    A: Dale Sadler has been working with the program since it started seven years ago.

    Q: What is the World Competition in robotics?
    A: The World Competition is the largest robotics competition in the world where teams from different countries compete.

    Q: How do students prepare for the competition?
    A: Students spend the year building and refining their robot, as well as developing teamwork and problem-solving skills. They also consider different strategies and build prototypes for the game.