Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
    Exploring the Cutting-Edge World of Surgical Robotics at Abrazo Scottsdale Campus

    Community members from all corners of the Northeast Valley recently had a remarkable opportunity to delve into the world of surgical robotics, gaining an inside look into the operating rooms at Abrazo Scottsdale Campus. On October 28th, attendees were given a unique chance to witness the state-of-the-art equipment used in orthopedic, spine, and bariatric surgeries.

    During the event, doctors provided captivating explanations of the innovative Mako robots employed in knee and hip replacement procedures. The audience learned about the extraordinary capabilities of the DaVinci robots, which assist in bariatric, urologic, and general surgery. Furthermore, participants experienced hands-on demonstrations of both the DaVinci and Mako robots, gaining firsthand insight into their functionality.

    The DaVinci technology revolutionizes the surgical field with its utilization of tiny instruments that possess a remarkable range of motion, exceeding that of a human hand. This cutting-edge feature allows surgeons to operate through minuscule incisions, resulting in reduced scarring and faster recovery times for patients. On the other hand, Mako robotics employ advanced computer navigation systems to optimize the positioning and alignment of implants in hip and knee procedures, thereby enhancing surgical precision.

    Coinciding with the event, October 28th also marked National First Responders Day. Locals had the opportunity to express their appreciation for these heroes by signing a “thank you” banner. First responders made their presence felt with a fire truck, ambulance, and air evac helicopter adding to the festivities. The younger attendees enjoyed a Halloween-themed festival, complete with face painting, a bounce house, and picture opportunities with the surgical robots.

    Speaking about the event, Abrazo Scottsdale Campus CEO Ruben Castro expressed his delight in witnessing such widespread engagement and emphasized the remarkable work and cutting-edge technology present in their Surgical Institute.

    In addition to the captivating event, Abrazo Scottsdale Campus also conducted AngioScreen low-cost health screenings. The screenings delivered unsettling statistics, as 90 percent of those evaluated were found to have high blood pressure, with a few individuals experiencing hypertensive crisis. Furthermore, severe peripheral vascular disease and carotid artery plaque were detected in some attendees.

    For those interested in attending future Abrazo events, including the AngioScreen health assessments scheduled for November 14th in Cave Creek and November 18th in Surprise, more information can be found at


    What were the main surgical robots showcased at Abrazo Scottsdale Campus?

    Doctors at Abrazo Scottsdale Campus showcased the innovative Mako robots used for knee and hip replacement, as well as the DaVinci robots used for bariatric, urologic, and general surgery.

    What is the key feature of the DaVinci technology?

    The DaVinci technology employs tiny instruments with a greater range of motion than a human hand, enabling surgeons to perform surgeries through small incisions.

    What does Mako robotics offer in hip and knee procedures?

    Mako robotics provide surgeons with computer navigation that optimizes the position and alignment of implants, resulting in enhanced precision during hip and knee procedures.

    What was the purpose of the event on October 28th?

    Apart from showcasing the surgical robotics, the event also celebrated National First Responders Day and provided an opportunity for the public to engage with the hospital staff and surgical robots in a festive Halloween-themed atmosphere.