Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
    Quasi Robotics Announces Model C2 Autonomous Delivery Solution

    Maryland-based Quasi Robotics has unveiled its latest product, Model C2, which is available for pre-order. Model C2 is an autonomous delivery solution designed to streamline material movement and eliminate the time-consuming task of manual item transport. It has a wide range of features that make it suitable for use in various industries.

    Model C2 is built on the Quasi intelligence platform (QAI), the company’s proprietary AI software. This enables it to connect with Cloud Connect, Quasi’s central user application and control center. Cloud Connect provides users with extensive data reporting on all aspects of the C2’s functioning, including productivity insights, utilization audits, charging activity, and maintenance cost modules.

    One of the key advantages of Model C2 is its ease of deployment. It can be set up in under an hour without the need for training, configuration, or facility modification. The intuitive touch-screen controls allow users to create and update pre-programmed destinations and schedule delivery routes quickly.

    Model C2 also features adaptive navigation, active obstacle avoidance, and route re-calculation, ensuring reliable driving autonomy and successful delivery. Optional Wi-Fi, Cloud Connect, and external systems integrations make it a modular solution that can be customized to fit the specific needs of a facility.

    Quasi CEO Vlad Lebedev sees Model C2 as a transformative solution for increasing operational productivity. He envisions a future where manual workflows are replaced by autonomous, integrated robotics. Model C2 is the first step towards this vision.

    The Model C2 cart is priced at $15,999.00, including delivery, and is available for pre-order on Quasi’s website.

    Key Features of Model C2:

    – Full operational traceability with Wi-Fi and Quasi Cloud Connect
    – Intuitive touch-screen User Interface
    – High-capacity battery with 16 hours of continuous use
    – Integrates with existing facility management systems
    – Works with or without Wi-Fi
    – Wide array of sensors for operational safety and obstacle avoidance
    – Full intelligence features powered by QAI
    – Flexible configuration and customization options

    For more information and a complete list of technical specifications, visit Quasi’s website.

    QAI is the software package that powers all Quasi solutions. It combines proprietary algorithms with the Cloud Connect control center to provide integrated control and data insight.

    Quasi Robotics is a company that develops AI software to power robots in any industry. Its goal is to create intelligent, collaborative partners that can take on repetitive and dangerous tasks.

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